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Unprofessional and Abusive

from Chesterfield, VA - 02/16/2012 - 01:08 am

We sold a Sony laptop to Maksim, the owner of this business which was warrantied by Sony the manufacturer. We were informed that the computer was experiencing low sound volume about 3 weeks after delivery. We provided diagnostic support and recommended if issues could not be corrected to return the computer for refund. More than 2 months after delivery, we were contacted again and told the sound was not working at all. Since our 30 day return policy expired, we elected to provide free support in assisting Maksim with repair. As the issue was with sound and covered by the Sony warranty we provided our services and 2-way shipping free of charge to Maksim and our technicians interacted with Sony support to return the computer to Sony for repair. Unfortunately, Sony did not successfully complete the repairs so the laptop had to be sent back to them a second time. After the second time the sound issue was resolved. Maksim meanwhile provided his client with a used laptop to use while the Sony laptop was in the shop. 8 months after the purchase date and several months after we returned the laptop to Maksim for the last time, we were informed that we better refund him or he would contact the VA DA, BBB, and attorney regarding suit relating to Lemon Law. Our business has maintained more than 1,400 consecutive feedbacks on eBay without a single negative posting and we conduct our business honestly providing our customers with after purchase support well beyond our 30 day return policy. However, because Maksim's client ultimately decided to cancel her order, Maksim put the pressure on our company to refund him. More than 8 months after the purchase date and Maksim was threatening our company in every possible way. This is after we provided him with free diagnostics, repair, and 2-way shipping support for a laptop warrantied by the manufacturer (not us). A major retailer like NewEgg, TigerDirect, or Amazon would refuse service to a customer requesting support outside 30 days. We provided many unbillable hours of our time and also 2-way shipping costs supporting a product we did not manufacture but simply resold and ultimately Maksim took the path of posting negative reviews and filing grievances on BBB. My advice is not to do any form of business with Maksim as you will find if things do not go his way he will use every bit of leverage he can muster to attack your business.
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