ZOA to Obama: Cut Ties to Muslim Brotherhood

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has called upon President Barack Obama to cut ties to the Islamist, jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, following the latest statements by the Muslim Brotherhood leadership calling for a jihad to destroy Israel and “liberate” Jerusalem.

In a public message published last week in the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Badi’, said that, “Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress … This will only happen through holy Jihad, high sacrifices and all forms of resistance. The day they realize we will march this path and raise the banner of Jihad for the sake of God, is the day they will relent and stop their tyranny … The time has come for the Islamic nation to unite around one man for the sake of Jerusalem and Palestine … The Jews have dominated the land, spread corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profaned holy places, including their own” (Elhanan Miller, ‘‘‘Holy Jihad’ is the only way to deal with Israel, says Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood chief,’ Times of Israel, October 11, 2012)

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan Al-Banna. Before and during World War II, it collaborated with Nazi Germany. Its leading intellectual figure, Sayyid Qutb, is the inspiration for Al- Qaida and other Islamist terrorist movements. The Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood, Hamas, is a blood-soaked terrorist organization which calls in its Charter for the destruction of Israel and the worldwide murder of Jews.

The Muslim Brotherhood platform, leaked in August 2007, calls for jihad, states that “Islam is the official state religion and Islamic Shariah is the main source for legislation.” It stipulates that the president and legislative branch will be advised by clerics, who must approve decisions and that non-Muslims will be barred from the presidency, which is also held to be unsuitable for women. As Jayshree Bajoria of the Council on Foreign Relations has written, “Establishing an Islamic state based on Shariah is at the center of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology, both in Egypt and among the group’s many offshoots abroad.”

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “Despite a detailed history of jihadist extremism and abundant evidence of its ongoing orientation, the Muslim Brotherhood has been whitewashed in Washington as a moderate group and the Obama Administration chose to promote it as a peaceful, democratic alternative. There is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, reinforced by Muhammad Badi’s latest jihadist statement of last week and the President should immediately cut all ties to the Muslim Brotherhood forthwith.

“Till now, the Obama Administration has done the opposite, promoting and legitimizing the Brotherhood as a responsible, moderate party with whom the U.S. can do business. President Obama’s National Intelligence director, James Clapper said that the group is “largely secular” and not particularly extreme while another Obama adviser, Bruce Riedel, argued that America “should not be afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“In light of all that has happened since, including Muslim Brotherhood statements reiterating its commitment to eliminating Israel, jihad and the downfall of America, President Obama should cease all ties and negotiations with the Brotherhood with immediate effect.”

ZOA members include Ronn Torossian, Irving Moskowitz & Cherna Moskowitz.

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  1. Kevin McDermott says:

    First I’m a Atheist ,I wondering how you can believe in a religion that’s to kill people especially a 14 year old girl. How can you have a religion that doesn’t want woman to read?

    I don’t believe in a god or a supreme power. I know our laws are based on them. I know it brings people happiness so for them it’s a good think. I don’t knock religion but help me understand.

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