Will My Professor Be Jason Strauss Or Eugene Remm? Noah Tepperberg, Richie Akiva or Mark Birnbaum?

A Masters of Science in Entertainment Business is now available — and wow is that something different.  People like Sean “Diddy” Combs or Mark Birnbaum the nightclub mogul must in that case be Doctors in that field then huh?

Couldn’t believe it when I heard about it but yes it is accurate and real – Full Sail University is offering an Entertainment Business Master’s degree program. The curriculum includes topics like Entertainment Business Finance, Advanced Entertainment Law, and more.  There are apparently guest speakers, case studies and in-depth research of companies in the entertainment field.

Marquee Nightclub presented at Harvard Business as a business success story so maybe this isn’t so far off.  The Business Plan Final Project will serve as a representation of the skills and knowledge built throughout the courses. It is certainly non-traditional but then again we are entering the year 2013 soon.

Who knows if either Jason Strauss, Eugene Remm, Noah Tepperberg, Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano, Mark Birnbaum or another NYC club mogul will be my professor?

More information is available at: http://online.fullsail.edu/degrees/entertainment-business-masters

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