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How Investors Today Can Use Technology To Their Advantage

Investors today are bombarded by seemingly endless amounts of data. It can be rather cumbersome to make sense of it all, particularly when you have other things on your plate. There are an array of different portfolio options available to investors today, and one must also keep up with industry trends and analysis. This can […]

Alcohol Rehab is Never Easy

Recovering from the effects of alcohol addiction is never easy. Excess alcohol consumption causes chemical changes in the brain that makes it difficult to stop drinking. While recovering from alcohol addiction is challenging, it is possible. Many people have gone sober and remained sober for life. Getting a handle on alcohol cravings and learning to […]

Repatriation of Funds: Difficulties You May Encounter, and How to Fix Them

Repatriation of funds, at its simplest, is when you convert funds into the currency of your home country. This process may sound simple, but can pose quite a few problems for individual and corporate entities who are looking to transfer money internationally either from investments or otherwise. The repatriation process faces several large road blocks […]

If You Want to Know How Your Senator Votes, Consult the Web

Do you care to keep track of how your Senator votes? If they are soon to be voting on an issue that may directly affect you, it’s an excellent idea to know their general voting patterns. Most Senators can be reliably tracked through their party affiliation and past voting habits. However, this is info that […]

6 Things to Do on Sabbath and Still Honor It

6 Things to Do on Sabbath and Still Honor It

Sabbath is a special day on which your schedule is different from other days. It is important that this day is spent for the Giver by wisely doing things that are beneficial either for the society or is self-developmental. Let’s go through some of the best activities to be done on that day to ensure […]

Rotten at the Center It’s one shocking revelation after another at the Center for Jewish History

The more time goes by, the more the leadership at the Center for Jewish History is exposed as a cabal of anti-Israel “intellectuals”, who support BDS and consider Israel to be an occupier and an apartheid state.   Here is the latest revelation, as exposed in Truth Revolt: (Center for Jewish History Also Has Israel-Hating Academic […]

Tips for Overcoming Your Phobias

You might have several things that you are afraid of. If this is the case, you are certainly not alone. Millions of people struggle with debilitating phobias every day of their lives. In some cases, their phobias prevent them from working and living a normal life. It is very important to get all of your […]

David Myers: Wrong Choice for Center for Jewish History

By Cinnamon Stillwell When a respected and apolitical institution like the New York-based Center for Jewish History (CJH) hires an anti-Israel academic to be its new CEO and president, something has gone terribly wrong.UCLA Jewish studies professor David N. Myers may present a moderate façade, but his academic and political affiliations expose his radical core.  The pro-Israel community has taken notice. Ronn Torossian, Hank […]

Deputy Speaker of Israeli Knesset Calls For Firing of CEO of Center For Jewish History

Member of Knesset Bezalel Smotrich who serves as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset; a member of the Finance Committee, the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, and the State Control Committee; and an alternate member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee issued a statement on Friday calling for David N. Myers the new CEO of the Center for Jewish […]

Moshe Lax Official Statement on Recent Media Coverage

Hi this is Moshe Lax.  I am making this video statement as I am concerned about certain media reports. I am a private person yet feel the need to make this statement. Nine years ago my father died and I inherited his estate.  While I have wanted to protect his honor, the unfortunate reality is […]