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Tips for Overcoming Your Phobias

You might have several things that you are afraid of. If this is the case, you are certainly not alone. Millions of people struggle with debilitating phobias every day of their lives. In some cases, their phobias prevent them from working and living a normal life. It is very important to get all of your […]

David Myers: Wrong Choice for Center for Jewish History

By Cinnamon Stillwell When a respected and apolitical institution like the New York-based Center for Jewish History (CJH) hires an anti-Israel academic to be its new CEO and president, something has gone terribly wrong.UCLA Jewish studies professor David N. Myers may present a moderate façade, but his academic and political affiliations expose his radical core.  The pro-Israel community has taken notice. Ronn Torossian, Hank […]

Deputy Speaker of Israeli Knesset Calls For Firing of CEO of Center For Jewish History

Member of Knesset Bezalel Smotrich who serves as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset; a member of the Finance Committee, the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, and the State Control Committee; and an alternate member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee issued a statement on Friday calling for David N. Myers the new CEO of the Center for Jewish […]

Moshe Lax Official Statement on Recent Media Coverage

Hi this is Moshe Lax.  I am making this video statement as I am concerned about certain media reports. I am a private person yet feel the need to make this statement. Nine years ago my father died and I inherited his estate.  While I have wanted to protect his honor, the unfortunate reality is […]

Rise And Shine: How To Move Beyond Drug Addiction And Lead A Healthy Life

If you’re currently trapped in the dangerous world of substance abuse, now is the time to get out of it and pursue the life of hope, healing, and holistic health that you need and deserve. To start your recovery process immediately so you can begin seeing substantive results, implement some or all of the following […]

9 Pro Tips You Can Follow to Keep Your Car Clean

9 Pro Tips You Can Follow to Keep Your Car Clean

Photo by DariuszSankowski, CC0 1.0 No matter if you’ve had your car for two days or for two years, you want to keep your baby clean. A clean car is one that’s going to last you for years and isn’t going to break down anytime soon. That’s why you’ve got to know how to properly […]

10 Equipment You Will Find in A Baker's Kitchen

10 Equipment You Will Find in A Baker’s Kitchen

Photo by MikesPhotos, CC0 1.0 Baking is one of those things that everybody wishes they could do well, but it takes time and effort to learn how to do. If you’re thinking about becoming a baker or just trying your hand at making some pastries, then you need to have the right equipment. Without the […]

Single Grave For Sale

Single Grave For Sale

The See-Saw Remains on Up

Everyone dreams about it. Very few ever have the opportunity. I was one of those very few. True, I didn’t jump into the ocean and save a child from drowning or dash into a burning building to save a baby but I did save a life. A forty-year-old cancer patient had only one chance to […]


WHO: Israeli Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin, Israeli MK Yoel Hasson, Consul General of Israel in New York Dani Dayan, acclaimed Russian animator Oleg Kuvaev, top Israeli musician Ninet Tayeb, and others WHAT: The largest Limmud FSU in New York, with 1,500 participants attending WHEN: Friday, May 12, until Sunday, May 14 WHERE: Hilton Westchester – […]