Ultimate tips to sell your software, App or service online

Developing a great app, software or service will not guarantee you the success and revenues you want until you have great marketing ideas to let people know about that. Marketing a software or service can be little bit harder than promoting a physical product.

Hence, there are a lot of ways that startups can do to better market their Software products or services and some of them are listed below for your information.

Value-driven Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great software marketing idea for you if you are giving value, not spamming your potential clients. In the start, you can use your core clients to share the information and details about your brand-new software or any other service you can offer. You can make your email marketing efforts more effective by adding an appealing short introduction video or infographic that recipient can watch/view to learn more about it. It can be a great way to keep your leads engaged with your emails.

Do outreach on LinkedIn

Social media can be one of the best ways not only to market your software product or service but to find out best paying clients as well. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals and business-related individual where you can find leads conveniently. You can find out bigger brands on the board who may find your software or service interesting to get things done effectively. However, you should spend enough time to find out target customers who will definitely pay you for the offered products or services. For instance, if you have a computerized maintenance management system that can help facility managers to streamline their maintenance operations, then you should contact with the manufacturing business owners and maintenance management companies to offer your product as the best match for their needs.

Offer a Free Trial

People always love something that they can get without paying anything of value in return. So, offer your customers/clients a free trial to let them know what features your software or app offers and how it can help them to get things done more effectively than ever before. It will help your potential clients to make sure that offered product or services is not a scam and will work properly for them to meet their needs as agreed.

Social Media Marketing

Reaching out to your target audience can be very easy via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Their paid advertising campaigns can show your software, service or app to the audience selected by yourself. You can also target the audience based on their interests, demographics, age and industry etc. Joining the business communities and groups of like-minded peoples can also help you secure more sales.

Consider a Freemium Model to Attract more Users

You can grab the attention of more users by offering a freemium version of your software or app. Offer them free access to basic features and opt them with an upgrade plan to utilize the premium features. It is one of the best software marketing strategies used by most of the giant software and app vendors across the globe.

Informative and Problem-Solving Blog Content

Writing high quality and problem-solving content on your business blog or website can be a plus point for you to augment your software, app or service marketing. Since blogs are known as a surefire method to drive qualified traffic to the site or product sales page, you should create informative and high-quality content that will engage readers and encourage them to buy your product/service. Sharing blog content on social media platforms and with like-minded people can help you get more visitors that would be interested in your software product or service. For your maintenance management software solution, you can write different articles explaining the benefits of preventive maintenance and how your software solution can be great to manage the maintenance operations effectively in order to get more readers and leads as well.

PPC and Display Advertising

If you are good in your marketing budget then you should go for PPC and display advertising because it will allow you to reach your target audience in no time. Google adword is the most popular and result driven PPC program that offers you the best outcomes even in reasonable rates. They can show your message with website link in search results to help people find you easily whenever they search for the product or service you are offering. You should also optimize the landing pages added in your PPC campaigns to covert visitors into paying customers. Getting display ads on same niche websites or blogs can also boost your marketing outcomes for the software, app or service you offer.

Money-back Guarantee

In order to build customer trust and to get more sales, offer your clients with money back guarantee to make sure that you are not a scammer but offering an apt solution for their problems or issues. It is also said by experts that a logical and well-presented money back guarantee can maximize the sales volume of a software or service up to 40 percent. You should also be clear in your terms and policies regarding money back guarantee in order to prevent any issues and problems in future.

Set up an Affiliate Marketing Program to Boost Sales

In these days, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to sell your products or services online and setting up an affiliate program for your software or service with attractive commission percentage can help you get more sales. In this whole process, social media influencers or bloggers will promote your product link in their posts to get paid with agreed percentage of commission upon completion of each sale. Since affiliate marketing is a great way to reach target customers via different digital channels, it can be great for you not only to generate revenues but to build strong relationships with digital marketers. It can boost your sales drastically in a big and long-term way.

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