UCI Calls International Community to Hold Hamas Accountable

The Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) is calling for the international community to hold Hamas accountable for its many war crimes against Israeli civilian populations as well as against their own people. Arabs in Gaza suffer under Hamas which routinely uses them as human shields through the placement and firing of terrorist missiles from heavily populated areas within Gaza. When Israelis attempt to defend their citizens in Beersheva, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the world has ignored this blatant abuse of the Gazan population.

Clare Lopez is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East and Senior Fellow of the Center for Security policy in Washington DC.

She stated.. “We should be stating explicitly that what HAMAS has done constitutes war crimes under international law, against its own people as well as the Israelis… deliberately locating offensive military assets like weapons depots, factories, and launch sites within and next to civilian population centers in violation of international law.”

Worldwide Israel has taken a beating in the media due to arab public relations and biased media and multiple other reasons.

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