Twitter to Remove Anti-Semitic Posts

After French twitter users began insulting Jews with messages using the hashtag, #unbonjuif (which translates to #agoodJew), many other twitter users voiced outrage. According to The Associated Press, The Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) said that the hashtag had“spawned more than a week of racist and anti-Semitic posts.” The posts, said AP, “included slurs and photos evoking the Holocaust, including one of a pile of ash” and came from “hundreds of users.”

Several groups condemned Twitter for allowing hate speech to thrive on its web site. For instance, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a statement saying that Twitter “lags far behind other established social media platforms” in addressing problems with hate speech.

According to The Jewish Week, the ADL’s National Director, Abraham Foxman, said that Twitter was “fast becoming the Internet’s distribution platform of choice for bigots who use it to get theirmessages of hate out in 140 characters or less.”

Meanwhile, UEJF, threatened to bring legal action against Twitter; however, the case is unlikely to go to court. This morning, according to BBC News, Twitter has agreed to remove the anti-Semitic messages.According to the BBC, “The decision to remove the tweets emerged from a meeting between Twitter’s senior management, the UEJF president Jonathan Hayoun and the group’s legal representatives,” during which UEJF showed Twitter representatives a list of the tweets it wanted to see removed. Earlier this week, says the BBC, Twitter also blocked the posts of a neo-Nazi group from appearing in Germany, at the request of German police.

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