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Sandek – An Overview

So where does the word “Sandek” come from? The Yalkut Shimoni and the Midrash Tehillim on Tehillim (35:10) state that Dovid HaMelech recited the verse, “All my bones shall declare, ‘Who is like You, Hashem!’ I shall praise You with all my limbs. With my thighs I become Sandiknus to the infants that are circumcised […]

Bar Mitzvah Money & Maaser

It is one of the first shailos that a Bar Mitzvah boy asks: Am I obligated to give Maaser on moneys that I received for my Bar Mitzvah? The question is that is not dealt with in the Poskim of the past, primarily because the idea of gift-giving for a Bar Mitzvah is only of […]

Sfiras HaOmer: An Overview

What follows is an overview of some of the spiritual dimensions of Sfiras HaOmer followed by some of the pertinent Halachos.  Aside from the actual Mitzvah of counting the Omer, he period of Sfiras HaOmer can be a bit confusing.  The reason that it may cause confusion is that there are actually three aspects to […]

Sefira Reminder and Pesach Divrei Torah

Sefira Reminder: All too often we don’t make it through the full Sefira because we accidentally missed counting one day. Help-A-Yid Has set up an easy method to remind you to count Sefira. Just fill out the simple form to start receiving your daily Sefira reminder via SMS (text message) or email. Note: Although there is no fee […]

Halachos Of The Seder

1. Although in general, one may recite Kiddush and begin eating one’s meal before nightfall on Shabbos and Yom Tov, and thus add from “non-holy time” to “holy time” (1), this is not allowed on Pesach. [The rationale is] that the mitzvah of eating matzah must be fulfilled at night, [at the time] when the […]

Summary On Parshas Tetzaveh

The following Aliya summary will list the numerous laws detailed in Parshas Mishpatim. A total of 53 Mitzvot are commanded. 1st Aliya: The Parsha opens with the commandment to use pure olive oil in lighting the Menorah. Aharon and his four sons were selected to be the Kohanim. The basic garments of a Kohain consisted […]

Halachos For Preparing The Seder

1. One should do one’s best to obtain choice wine for the mitzvah of drinking four cups of wine [during the Passover seder] (1). If red wine is available that is of the same quality and level of kashrut (2), as the available white wine, then the red wine is preferred for the mitzvah; this […]

Halachos Of The Search and Nullification of Chometz

1. One should search for “chometz” (1) on the night before Erev Pesach (that is, the night of the 14th of Nissan) (2). We are obligated to conduct the search at the beginning of the night (3). One should not eat (4), nor perform any work, from a half hour before nightfall onward [until he […]

Summary & Vortlach On Parshas Vayikra

1st & 2nd & 3rd Aliyot: The instructions for offering a “Oleh” – burnt offering (fully consumed on the Alter) is detailed. This offering could be brought from a bull, or male sheep or goat. The less expensive “Oleh”, using a Turtle Dove or common dove, is described. The Mincha, an offering made from baked, […]

The Month Of Nissan

1. Neither “Tachanun” (1) nor “Tziduk HaDin” (2) is recited throughout the entire month of Nissan (3). Similarly, “Tzidkos’cho Tzedek” is not recited in the afternoon service on Shabbos. Every day, from Rosh Chodesh Nissan onward, it is customary to read the paragraph in the Torah [Numbers, Chapter 7,] which corresponds to the prince (“nasi”) […]