TOP 10 Mensches to Root For in the MLB Postseason – Thursday’s Top Ten List

Created by Matthew J. Goldberg,

With the 2012 Major League Baseball postseason starting on Friday—opening with those (depending on your perspective) ultra-exciting or very silly one-game Wild Card series—today’s Top 10 List just had to be baseball-related. We have a great Top 10 that not only celebrates the national pastime, but also pays tribute to some of the best people who will be involved in the postseason.

And, we have a great guy…a fellow Goldberg named Jay (no relation that I know of)…to bring you this list.

This is somewhat of a golden era for Jewish baseball players, although only a couple of them will be playing in the postseason. Some of the leading Jewish stars of the game could not quite get their teams to qualify this year. Defending NL MVP Ryan Braun (who in many respects had an even more impressive 2012) could not quite get the Brewers to the postseason again, Ike Davis had a terrific second half for the Mets (at the same time, ironically, that his team was sinking in the NL East) and even Kevin Youkilis brought some of his winning spirit from the Red Sox to the White Sox, but his new team faded at the finish—just short of the AL Central champion Detroit Tigers.

But, not to worry: All-Star second baseman Ian Kinsler returns to the postseason for the third consecutive year, and more importantly (readers, and fellow baseball fans), our list is provided by Jay Goldberg, proprietor of New York City’s wonderful baseball shop and gallery called the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse.

I’ll turn it over to my honorary cousin, Jay, for his take on the Top 10 Mensches to Root For in the MLB Postseason. Please see more information about Jay and his unique boutique (celebrating baseball) at the bottom of the piece…

“Mensch”  – A Yiddish word for a person of integrity and honor.  A person who has a sense of right and wrong.  The ultimate compliment.

(Of course, these names are in alphabetical order, and listed this week from 1-10.  Anything else would be unmenschlike.)


1. Billy Beane – Oakland A’s

He runs an organization with a team payroll matched by A-Rod and Mark Teixeira.  Yeah, those two guys make as much as the entire A’s team.  How can you not root for a GM who’s great at what he does—and never kvetches?

2. Marty Brennaman & Thom Brennaman – Cincinnati Reds

A father and son who both work in the broadcasting booth for the same organization.  Top that.

3. Derek Jeter – New York Yankees

I’m a Mets fan…and he’s probably my favorite player.  Enough said.

4. Chipper Jones – Atlanta Braves

The first time anyone named “Chipper” has appeared on a mensch list.

5. Vicki Kelley – San Francisco Giants

Executive Assistant in the Ballpark Operations Department.  I have no idea who she is, but that’s one helluva ballpark.  She must be great at what she does.

6. Ian Kinsler – Texas Rangers

He’s a Major League All-Star and the son of a Jewish father who was a warden at a state prison in Arizona.  Find another one of those.

7. The Lerner Family – Washington Nationals

When they signed Jayson Werth to a $126 million contract, the media lambasted this family.  The Lerners had enough class to never fire back.  Last laugh, anyone?

8. Jim Leyland – Detroit Tigers

He had to manage a team that included Delmon Young.

9. Marc Rzepczynski – St. Louis Cardinals

He’s proudly gone through his entire life with that last name.  Never changed it.  Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, are you listening?

10. Jim Thome – Baltimore Orioles

A 13th-round draft pick in 1989, he’s made over $140 million in his playing career.  Still swinging at the age of 42…and playing for his first World Series ring.


Jay Goldberg is the owner of the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, a unique baseball-related shop/gallery located in a Greenwich Village landmark building.

Handmade Beautiful Baseballs • Unique Gifts • Art Gallery • Events • Custom Design Studio

67 East 11 Street, the landmark Cast Iron Building, New York, NY 10003

Facebook: BerginoBaseballClubhouse

Twitter: @BerginoBaseball

Well, on that unique, mensch-like note, that concludes this list of the TOP 10 Mensches to Root For in the 2012 MLB Postseason. As always, feel free to share and to comment below. If you have a suggestion for any future lists, please also comment below or send me an email.

Matthew J. (call him Matt) Goldberg will be presenting a Jewish-style Top Ten list every Thursday on this site. For information about Matt’s books, sports columns, speaking events and requests for appearances and custom writing, please visit, or contact him via email. His new Facebook Fan Page (“to like, to like, l’chayim”) can be found here.

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  1. Great job, Jay…another exciting postseason starts tomorrow – for mensches and…well…everyone,

  2. Jay Goldberg says:

    Thanks, Matt! A pleasure!


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