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News Flash: The first night of Chanukah is just two evenings from tonight, assuming you’re reading this soon after it posted. Chag Sameach to you and your family, and…how about a little festive, light music to usher in the Festival of Lights.

Welcome to my second annual list/concert of the Top 10 Chanukah Pop/Rock/Rap songs. Of course, that’s a very extravagant claim, so I’ll backpedal just a little bit from all the hype. If your taste is a little like mine (in music) and you don’t mind a little bit of lyrical and choreographed shtick, this list is for you—assuming that you’re ready for Chanukah.

If you remember last year’s list—and even I needed some help to remember last year’s Top 10—none of the 2012 songs made the cut this year. 

We changed it up for variety’s sake, so if nothing else, you now have 20 fun videos to play during the holidays.

My annual disclaimer: All of my lists are designed to be fun, and most of them are highly subjective in nature. This one is more subjective than most, as I am not an expert on recorded Chanukah music but did do my due diligence in researching many fun tunes. Per my own tastes, I tried to rank the songs based on originality, lyrics, “catchiness” and other fun stuff. I also love a good dance beat—sometimes—even my feet don’t know the difference between a menorah and a hora.

Please feel free to comment on what follows, and even offer some of your own favorites with our readers. And as always, don’t be shy about critiquing, praising and recommending others—in a most joyful manner, of course. By the way, I was hoping that Smokey Robinson and the Miracles would have made the list. Would you believe The Beatles? Didn’t they once record a song titled Eight Nights a Week? As I recall, it went like this:

Oy, I need your lights, babe
Guess you know it’s true.
Hope you need my lights, babe
Just like I need yours. (oh, oh)
Hold me, light me, spin me, light me.
Ain’t got nothin’ but lights, babe

Eight nights a week.

Okay, this shtick’s over and now for some more fun songs and videos. Links to all videos are on the song titles. I kept the spelling as it was presented on youtube; otherwise, I’d always spell this holiday Chanukah.


10 –  The Eight Days of Hanukkah – Jib Jab Style

You kind of know the type of irreverence you’ll get from those parody masters at Jib Jab. Here’s their very quick take on a seasonal selection you may recognize.


9 –  Hannukah Song Texas Style ­– Mark Rubin and Friends

Here’s Mark and Friends’ Western Swing, um, spin on the classic Dreidel Song.


8 – Chipmunk Chanukah –

Yeah, this one’s a little cheesy, but the list will get slightly less gimmicky, I think. Enjoy the dulcet harmonies of Simon, Moishe and MELVIN.


7 – Harp Medley by Jordana

This is a great little medley by an eight-year-old harpist named Jordana. It includes Chanukah, Chanukah, Dreidel Song and S’vivon. Okay, it’s a quirky selection, but they all are, and what’s not to like here.


6 – Eight Nights of Joy – Rabbi Joe Black and The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band

Well, I was jonesing for a little klezmer, anyway. Any song that rhymes Illi-nois, joy, toy and boy can’t be all bad. Can it?


5 – Chanukah Anthem – Sam Glaser and Kol Zimra

A beautiful blend of voices that also nicely blends religious pride and patriotism.


4 – The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song – The Shlomones

Yup, it’s a parody of Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This band just emanates infectious joy; well, don’t they? Here are some of the key lyrics:

Eat some tahini
On a falafel weenie
All fried not steamy
No not at all

Heavy doughnuts with jelly
That really sit in your belly
Choc’late coins in hand
(Mmmm) I’ll try them all

3 – Happy Hanukkah – Matisyahu

Matis laying down his reggae groove on a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


2 – Candlelight  – The Maccabeats

Based on Mike Tompkins’ a cappella version of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”, this vid has been viewed nearly eight million times—not too bad for any group, let alone a group of Yeshiva U students who formed in 2007.


1 (tie) – Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages – Official Chanukah Song Video

Billed as the parody of all parodies, the Lions of Zion lend their vocal and dance talents, putting a Chanukah spin on eight songs (from Jerry Lee Lewis to Maroon 5) in less than four dizzying moments. Very well done!


1 (tie) – Light Up The Night – (The Ein Prat) Fountainheads

I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard from this sweet-singing group from the Ein Pratt Academy of Israel. Here are just some of their inspiring lyrics:

Light up the night, beat back the shadows
Knowin’ the world’s gonna light up for you
Light up the night, dance till the morning
Spinnin’ it up, Wo oh oh oh!

For just eight nights,
Gather together
Glimmers of those
Who light up your life

For just eight nights
Gaze up in wonder
Al Hanissim (For the miracles)
Ve al hapurkan! (and for the salvation)

Well, on that illuminating note, this concludes my list of the Top 10 Quotes related to Thanksgiving. As always, feel free to share and to comment below. If you have a suggestion for any future lists, please also comment below or send me an email.

Matthew J. (call him Matt) Goldberg will be presenting a Jewish-style Top Ten list every Thursday on this site. For information about Matt’s books, sports columns, speaking events and requests for appearances and custom writing, please visit, or contact him via email. His new Facebook Fan Page (“to like, to like, l’chayim”) can be found here.


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    Singer and poet Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) has a heartfelt version of Matisyahu’s “Miracle” with multi-track guitar by Andre Bush. Check it out at or on iTunes at

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