The Holy Sheldon Adelson: A Modern Day Rothschild


By Ronn Torossian

Forbes magazine released its annual list this week of the richest Americans – and as a group the Forbes 400 saw their net worth rise to $1.7 trillion. The greatest joy which philanthropic people and particularly proud Jews should feel is at Sheldon Adelson’s place on the list.  The 7th richest man in America, 14th richest man in the world is Sheldon Adelson with a net worth according to Forbes of $20.5 Billion and this is a great thing for the Jews.

The holy Sheldon Adelson gives over $200 Million annually to Jews, and should be celebrated more often and thanked for all the good he does.  His continued success means more for the Jewish people.

As Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said: “I know Sheldon Adelson and I have worked with him on several matters relating to Israel and the Jewish community. I have spoken on behalf of the wonderful school he has built in Las Vegas. And have had the pleasure of teaching one of the brilliant graduates of that school. Adelson was deeply involved in the creation of the Birthright Israel Program, which has had extraordinary success in exposing young Jews to Israel. It’s hard to find anyone who has done as much for the Jewish community as Sheldon Adelson. Adelson grew up in Boston in near poverty and is a shining example of the American dream. He is a self-made multi-billionaire who has contributed significantly to the world of modern technology and to the economic growth of Las Vegas and other areas. His generosity has helped repair the world….. “

Adelson is the biggest single donor to Yad Vashem in the history of the museum, and Chairman of the Directorate Avner Shalev of Yad Vashem said:  “The challenges we face are especially relevant during these trying times in the history of the State of Israel. It is not despite the situation, but because of it, that there is a great need for Jews around the world to connect to the legacy of the past and turn it into a driving power. Imparting the story and the significance of the Holocaust strengthens our moral fiber and is essential in shaping our resolve and endurance as individuals, as a state and as a nation. The Adelson’s’ generosity will enable us to fulfill our existential and vital role.”

Adelson has said: “In my mind, here’s a kid who comes from the slums, me. I came from a very poor family, there were six people, four children, and my parents, one bed in the room…and my parents were poor.”

What an amazing special great success story Sheldon Adelson is.  His giving is part of a personal conviction which gives meaning to his life.  Sheldon Adelson is our modern day Baron Edmond Rothschild – a true Jewish hero and someone for whom all of Israel and the Jewish people should continue to wish vast success.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Ronn Torossian is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. 

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Ronn Torossian About the Author: Ronn Torossian is the CEO of NY based 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR Agencies in the US. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a Jewish philanthropist and active in a number of worldwide Jewish organizations. More about Ronn Follow Ronn on: Facebook Google Plus Amazon

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  1. Morris says:

    Yes, Sheldon Adelson is indeed a holy man. In fact, he’s about as “holy” as Ronn Torossian.

  2. Wesmor says:

    They go to other extreme, eeivythrng becomes our fault, eeivythrng is picked apart and ascribed to our malice alone. Racism, snobbery, sexual repression, slavery and God knows what else. They are, in effect a blueprint for the classic self-hating white liberals everywhere we’ve all come to know and love.That is my impression as well Anonymous. Historically, the English upper class has been the greatest persecutor of their own people.It’s not as if the the wrongs committed to, say, the Irish or the Boers, were an example of projecting outward to others, but rather a profound viciousness of the elites towards all, their own included. These elites would not even consider the English “their own” – “their own” are fellow wealthy people, white, non-white, whatever; it’s the wealth that counts. It frustrates me no end to see The Sun spruik “who won the war?” type headlines when the Poms play the Krauts in the World Cup. Or, lately, attack Eastern European migration whilst the non-White scum get a free ride, and true English patriots like Emma West get prosecuted for their righteous anguish and indignation.The same for the way the press question the bona fides of South African, or Irish, Whites playing cricket for the English national team, because they don’t uphold “an English game”, yet Monty Panesar, or Samit Patel etc are a no-go zone, an fine examples of the English cricket national “setup”.My overall point is, that I genuinely want the English to regain their national self-identity. I want them to ferevently proclaim their ethnic identity and solidarity.BUT, I am wary that The Sun and the like promote anti-White ethnic solidarity outwards, and only towards White nations.WN to my mind, can only come from 1) ethnic identity that is 2) formed under an over-arching White racial consciousness.We, all Whites, need to regain our ethnic pride, which includes reclaiming our histories, but this time with the singular purpose of uniting in our common racial interest; the advancement of our White nations.

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