Thank You Ron Hershco

Ron Hershco, a major donor to many charities recently shared this email from Breslov with me:

“This sounds so beautiful, but what, really, is the light of Shabbos? Rebbe Nachman explains that the light of Shabbos is that of faith in G-d’s creation of the universe. The weekly observance of Shabbos allows us to constantly refresh our faith in this fundamental principle of Judaism.

When we reaffirm this faith, it alters our relationship with our activities of the working week; since G-d is the source of all that exists and all of our ability to act, He is the Owner of everything—including the earnings gained by our labors. The light of Shabbos that illuminates charity is the awareness that I am only the trustee over G-d’s assets, and it is my duty to share them as He directs. When I’m really aware of this, it is isn’t me giving, but G-d; I’m just a trustworthy custodian.


Amazing how so many people give so much back.

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