Terrorist Killer Teams Targeting Jews

  Intelligence sources have issued a warning today to Jewish interests, businesses and assets that secret Iranian assassination teams, with orders to attack Israeli targets, have been sighted.

Known as Unit 400, these elite killers are under the command of Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Israeli’s Mossad and other intelligence units in various countries are reported to be moving to intercept them.

Here’s what is known about this intelligence alert:

One report has Unit 400 hit teams heading for Turkey. The designated prey for these terrorists will be Jews, Israeli interests and western targets.

The intelligence source spoke to Sky News and told an editor that these imminent attacks are in an advanced stage and that the plans will be set in motion soon.

These Unit 400 assassination teams have been under development for months and are under a standing operating procedure to carry out “frequent and daring attacks” all over the world for the purpose of demonstrating Iran’s “asymmetric power.” The targets will be Jewish and Israeli businesses and assets.

In other words, Unit 400 terrorist cells are under orders to attack targets around the globe as opportunities present themselves and as the terrorists see fit.

Here’s what is known about Unit 400:

It’s a special ops unit under the umbrella of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force. It engages in attacks on groups in other countries and provides material support to foreign militias.

The Quds Force is controlled by Khamenei through an association with Qassem Sulieman. Khamenei is in charge of all international operations. He activates cells when a target is chosen.

An unnamed senior Unit 400 officer is working on plans for attacks in Europe.

Unit 400 is believed to be behind the attack on the Israeli consulate in Istanbul in 2011.

Members of the Mexican drug mafia were recruited last year by Unit 400 in the unsuccessful assassination attempt against the Saudi ambassador to the United States. The plot called for killing the ambassador with a bomb. The FBI arrested one alleged plotter, while a second Iranian agent escaped.

Unit 400 recruits foreign agents as necessary. Training takes place in Iran, the Middle East and Europe.

The Israeli counter terrorism bureau has warned Israelis not to travel to Turkey, stating that terrorists are planning attacks in the next few days.

Israelis have been attacked in New Delhi and Georgia. Iranians recently blew up a house by accident in Thailand.

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