Teachings From Rabbi Nachman


By Ronn Torossian

The great Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught… “Truth is the light by which you find your way out of darkness. Turn it on.” (The Empty Chair*, p. 79)

According to the Breslov Research Institute, Rebbe Nachman explains in Likutei Moharan I:9, that when a person finds himself in a dark place surrounded on all sides, he must draw himself toward the truth. This will be the means through which light will reach him so that he can find his way out of his predicament.

We know that the aspect of truth has many levels. It is possible that one person’s truth would be considered false for the person above him. For example, if a person knows that he has a problem with anger, and he prays to G-d to relieve him of it because it is ruining his life, he is telling the truth. Is he really feeling the pain of his flaw in the way that a more spiritually advanced person would feel it, so that when he says, “I hate this flaw,” he really means it? Only to a degree. In that sense, truth is relative.
Nevertheless, we should draw ourselves to the highest degree of truth possible for ourselves; the higher the truth, the greater the clarity we will find.

(Forwarded to Jewocity by Ronn Torossian ).

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