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Naftali Bennett, Likud & Jabotinsky

As a follower of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, many fine members of the Likud/ Yisrael Beytenu have to be dismayed at the ongoing attacks by Netanyahu & Likud against Naftali Bennett, the Chairman of the Jewish Home party, which is projected to be the third largest party in the upcoming Israeli elections. Take for example, the words […]

Betar of Ze’ev Jabotinsky with Wingate College

The World Betar movement, founded by Zionist prophet Ze’ev Jabotinsky has recently announced a new partnership with Wingate College, entitled the Betar-Wingate program.  Located in Israel, at Wingate College there is a new 5 month program for young adults who want to take their sports passion into a profession. Open to people aged 20-30, participants […]

Ze’ev Jabotinsky

I, Ronn Torossian was educated in the Betar youth movement of Ze’ev Jabotinsky and it is just great to see his influence continue on Jewish and Israeli life. “It seems that the Zionist feuilletons of Zev Jabotinsky, on which so many were brought up at the beginning of this century, continue to influence and guide […]

Ze’ev Jabotinsky Institute To Expand

Recent news that the Ze’ev Jabotinsky Institute plans to expland its activities is great news for supporters of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide.  Recently, the Municipality of the City of Ramat Gan granted a 13 acre plot for the Jabotinsky International Center. Located adjacent to Bar Ilan University, the center will be built and […]

Israel’s Ongoing Media Problem

As a proud Zionist who owns a PR agency, I see tremendous shortcomings in Israel’s Public Relations but also see unfair media bias against Israel. Some accurate commentary: n  As Ambassador Michael Oren says, media is constantly biased against Israel: “Hamas also has a media strategy. Its purpose is to portray Israel’s unparalleled efforts to […]

Ze’ev Jabotinsky On The Meaning Of Kaddish

(Originally Written by Ze’ev Jabotinsky in Yiddish in 1928 referring to the anniversary of the death of Yosef Trumpeldor, the one-armed hero of Tel Chai). “Upon an anniversary of a man’s death, Jews say Kaddish. What kind of a connection is there between a song of praise to the Master of the Universe and sadness […]

Ze’ev Jabotinsky on Peace

Ze’ev Jabotinsky was a Zionist prophet whose words should still be remembered: “A great commotion is currently afoot in Zionism, caused by the community of the seekers of peace, whose intention is to achieve (by way, of course, of preaching to the Jews alone) agreement with the Arabs. Frankly, it is difficult to avoid a […]

Ze’ev Jabotinsky: Zionist Visionary

By Ronn Torossian Ze’ev Jabotinsky is considered the spiritual father of modern day Revisionist Zionism, and from Netanyahu to Benny Begin, so many of the leaders of Israel today consider themselves followers of Jabotinsky. Many of his words are relevant to situations today: n  From: The Jewish War Front, written and published in 1940 about […]

Betar & Zeev Jabotinsky Reading List

By Ronn Torossian Recently came across an old required reading list for Betar many years ago.  It included some classics, and of course is missing many books as well, but it’s a great start certainly of reading of the Betar movement of Ze’ev Jabotinsky. The Revolt — Menachem Begin Every Individual a King: The Social […]

Excerpts of The Eternal Ze’ev Jabotinsky - My Mentor Ze’ev Jabotinsky, by Menachem Begin

Excerpts of The Eternal Ze’ev Jabotinsky – My Mentor Ze’ev Jabotinsky, by Menachem Begin

  By Ronn Torossian One hundred years ago, at the port city of Odessa, a son was born in the house of Jabotinsky. Today, as we gather to memorialize and rejoice marking the 100th anniversary of his birth, we must say his life and work had changed the history of the Jewish people. From his […]