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ZOA Condemns Dictator Abbas Reiterating Statement – No Jews In Future Pal. State

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has condemned Palestinian Authority (PA) president and dictator Mahmoud Abbas for stating on Monday that no Jew must be allowed to reside within a future Palestinian state. Abbas has made similar statements before, but the ZOA believes that his reiteration of this racist policy on the eve of Israeli/Palestinian […]

Brooklyn College & Pastor Saeed

On February 7th, at Brooklyn College an event is being co-sponsored by the Brooklyn College Political Science department called “BDS Movement against Israel” – an anti-Semitic event supporting the boycott against the State of Israel. Omar Barghouti, the founder of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, and Judith Butler, a […]

Two Radical Clerics Make Headlines

According to Elad Benari of Arutz Sheva, Muslim cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Suhayli called for Allah to “annihilate” the Jewish people and referred to them as “prophet slayers and apes”. Suhayli’s vitriolic speech has been translated by Memri TV. In a video provided by Memri, Al-Suhayli can be seen blasting the Jewish people and repeatedly calling […]

Sderot Media Center Asks For Sponsors To Help Youth Of Southern Israel

The Sderot Media Center reports that since the lull in hostilities from Gaza they have been overwhelmed with people asking what they can do to help the children and youth in Southern Israel. There is a glut of toys, games, and candies already being sent to Southern Israel. They are seeking programs to help address the mental well being of […]

Shame on Bnai Jeshurun

Congregation B’nai Jeshurun celebrated the victory of Palestinian representatives at the UN and the defeat of Israel.  Taking the side of the enemy in a despicable act.  The Jewish community across the board condemned them: n  In Front Page Mag it was said: “One day Congregation B’nai Jeshurun might become a synagogue again. For the […]

Get out the candles!

David Wilder December 04, 2012 The cards seem to be falling, almost as planned. Our Arab neighbors asked the international anti-Israel organization, otherwise known as the United Nations, for recognition in their efforts to delete Israel from the world map. They approached the number one warrior, General Assembly, who consulted with his Defense cabinet, the […]

Emanuel Bashes Netanyahu

Emanuel Bashes Netanyahu

According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, former White House Chief of Staff and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel  of accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “betraying” President Barack Obama by   approving the expansion of Israeli settlements and by denying tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority. The JTA further reports that Emanuel claimed that Netanyahu’s […]

The Never Ending Tales of Johnny, Bobby and David

By Melanie Goldberg Let’s call these kids Johnny and Bobby. Bobby, Johnny and David used to be friends. Not the best of friends, but friends nonetheless. They used to share a huge box of action figures. But then they got into a fight. And the teacher decided that Johnny and Bobby could have all the […]

UN Recognizes State of Palestine

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly voted to grant observer status to the “state of Palestine.” Yet, according to Michael Astor and Peter James Spielmann of The Associated Press, the UN recognized state of Palestine lacks many of the traits that traditional states have. Indeed, say Astor and Spielmann, “They don’t control their borders, airspace […]

Israels Supporters, Detractors Tweet About Gaza

As fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants on the Gaza strip intensified, Israel’s supporters took to Twitter to show their solidarity. Pastor John Hagee used his Twitter account to write, “#Israel has the right to exist, the right to defend itself, and the right to secure borders. I stand with Israel!” The British Israel Coalition […]