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Prices of Israeli real estate is simply through the roof – unbelievable prices in some places per square foot more than in New York City.  Amazing pricing, whether new Yoo towers buildings in Tel Aviv, or a Ron Hershco or Michael Lichtenstein development its booming pricing. Some quotes on the growth of Israeli real estate […]

Ami Mesika, Bank Of Israel Research

During a recent conference, Prof. Nathan Sussman, Director of the Bank of Israel’s Research Department lectured on a number of points. He discussed how in Israel the increase in housing market prices has resumed, while the rate of increase of rental prices has moderated. He explained the developments in the housing market as the combination […]

Israeli Real Estate & Gazit-Globe

The largest real estate investment company in Israel, Gazit-Globe announced today that they had successfully raised $237 million in a public offering of bonds. They are rated “AA-” with a stable outlook by Standard & Poor’s Maalot and “Aa3” with a stable outlook by Midroog, the Israeli subsidiary of Moody’s Investors Service. “Real estate in […]

Israelis Keep Investing In Real Estate

From Lev Leviev to Ron Hershco, there’s so many Israelis in real estate one wonders why. Clearly, investment opportunities abound – some quotes on how great investments in real estate are: ·       “We haven’t seen home prices this low in so many years, coupled with the rates being so low. When the money is cheap […]

Q1 2013 Israel Real Estate Report

The full Israel Real Estate Report has just been released summarizing Q1 2013 Israel Real Estate market conditions – including analyzaiton of the commercial office, retail, industrial and construction sectors and analyzing key details which can effect market performance. With a focus on  Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, the report covers the rental market performance […]

Israel Real Estate Report Reviews The Market

Fast Market Research issued an Israel Real Estate report which examines all real estate in the country – reviewing the activity of Elad Properties, Yitzchak Tshuva, Ron Hershco and others. With a focus on the three largest Israeli cities, the report covers the rental market performance in terms of rates and yields over the past […]

Shikun & Binui Ltd Sell & Ron Hershco And Others Seeking Israel Deals

Shikun & Binui Ltd., the leading infrastructure and real estate company recently signed an agreement to sell 13% of its subsidiary Shikun & Binui Real Estate for NIS 290m. There are many investors from worldwide, including Ron Hershco looking at Israel as a place for investment in real estate. Shikun & Binui Real Estate  is […]

Different Opinions on Israel Real Estate

Many different people have various opinions on Israeli real estate.  Ron Hershco is optimistic about real estate all over the world as is Donald Trump – others, less so. n  Robert Shemin a commentator for Fox News & CNN said “It won’t be worthwhile investing in Israeli real estate in 2013. Prices are too high […]

Real Estate in Israel

In Israel in recent years, real estate is booming and one may wonder if American-Israelis like Ron Hershco and others will look there for investments.  Some interesting tidbits: n  102,000 homes were sold in Israel in 2012, an 18% increase from 2011. n  Real Estate in Israel is weighting in the General Corporate Bond Index […]