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Ezer Mizion

David Schwartz was a success story. He was father of two sons and grandfather of two granddaughters. His days were full. He was a director in Bank Leumi, CEO of an investment firm, lecturer in a university and Chairman of the Board of a public company. But success does not preclude the unthinkable from happening. […]

Ezer Mizion

Ezer Mizion

Netanel and Aviel’s parents are neighbors-just a two minute walk from each other. They are good friends but their boys are four years apart and, up until recently didn’t have much in common. Now they do. What can a ten-year-old have in common with a six –year-old, you ask.  The answer is chilling. Cancer. Last […]

He’ll Watch Them Grow Up

He’ll Watch Them Grow Up

“Last January was a very busy month for my husband, Dudi. He is manager of a software company, a job that keeps him busy every moment. He didn’t feel well, as if he had a lingering flu, but he simply didn’t have time to be sick. When the workload abated a bit, he took two […]

The Big Blip

Life used to be normal. The usual with five young kids. At least one laundry load a night. Homework. Squabbles. Tantrums. . Shopping on Wednesdays. Cleaning on Thursdays. Small blips like when the washing machine broke down and flooded the basement and the mechanic was out of town or when the six year old experimented […]

It Wasn’t Growing Pains

It Wasn’t Growing Pains

Parenthood. Sometimes we err on the side of caution. Sometimes the opposite. It’s so hard to know. A year and a half ago, Shachar developed a slight limp that got worse with time. His twin brothers had been born shortly before that, and I thought at first that it was just a ploy to draw […]

Death…and then Life by Meital Yasur Beit-Or, “Israel Today

Yifat Brilliant, of Givatayim, underwent two traumatic experiences in one brief month. One culminated in death…the other in life.  Bewildered, distraught, she underwent the loss of her mother who had been a key figure in her life. She sat shiva and immediately upon her rising from mourning, a call came in. Is she able to […]

Twenty Eight Days!

Eight in the evening. The encounter with a beggar at our doorway, who pours upon us his blessings for good health and long life, leads me to thinking about those that make themselves a blessing for others on a daily basis. We were privileged to meet some of those people. Ever since the  Cancer Monster  […]

Fish for Lunch, Anyone?

Uri’s favorite activity is not languishing in a hospital, away from all his friends, missing out on the day-to-day fun that comprise a young boy’s life. Uncomfortable treatments and scary machines did nothing to make his stay more enjoyable.  But the monster named Cancer that had recently entered his young life did not ask him […]


We had been an ordinary family with the ordinary ups and downs. On a Thursday, about a half year ago, our lives suddenly took a 180 degree turn. We were on the way home from a visit with my mother when  our car was stoned-an all to frequent occurrence in Israel. , As a result, […]

They Didn’t Mix Up the Test Tubes

Anat, the daughter of Jenny, who was saved thanks to a bone marrow donation from Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry, relates: There is a 20-year difference between my mother and me. We have a ‘contract’, that she ‘retires’ at age 100, and I, at age 80 – and that way, we won’t miss our regular […]