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Training: From Elie Hirschfeld To Mark Birnbaum, Exercise Helps

From real estate mogul Elie Hirschfeld to Mark Birnbaum the nightclub guru, they all agree exercise helps with everything. Some words of wisdom from Elie Hirschfeld: SHORT ADVICE: Tri It Or Something Else Sport is essential to keep me energetic, excited and creative for work during the day and into the eve.  Any regular sport […]

Elie Hirschfeld To Donald Trump: Real Estate Rules

From Elie Hirschfeld to Donald Trump, many real estate executives receive regular media coverage and so wanted to provide real estate quotes qhich discuss the value of real estate as an investment. “It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.” Donald Trump “Real estate is the […]

Great Entrepreneurial Quotes

Owning 5WPR, I am surrounded by inspirational entrepreneurs – some as clients or friends.  From super-entrepreneurs like Bill Gates to club owners like Mark Birnbaum, or real-estate risk takers like Elie Hirschfeld or Donald Trump, entrepreneurs are truly a different breed. Some great quotes from entrepreneurs: “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going […]

Quadriga Art, Elie Hirschfeld and Others on Charity

From Quadriga Art to the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation, many organizations and individuals are committed to charity.  Especially with all the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, now more than ever charity is needed. “Charity sees the need, not the cause.” “If you have great wealth, give alms out of your abundance; if you have but little, distribute […]

New York is Fascinating: From Times Square to the Knicks, Elie Hirschfeld to Mark Birnbaum

By Ronn Torossian I am a life-long New Yorker – and what an amazing, fascinating great city New York is.  Whether it’s Times Square, the Upper West Side, Central Park or Soho, all so fascinating.  Whether real estate moguls like Elie Hirschfeld or the great John Paulson who just donated $100 Million to Central Park, […]

Real Estate Quotes & Words of Wisdom from Elie Hirschfeld

By Ronn Torossian As CEO of 5WPR, I meet many interesting people – and often times they work on trying to convince me how great it is to invest in real estate.  Amongst others, Elie Hirschfeld, CEO of Hirschfeld Properties is one who continually puts his money into real estate. Some real estate quotes I […]

Elie Hirschfeld On The Spirit of Triathalons

I have been doing triathlon for over 25 years, having completed many marathons and triathalons. The sport started out small and friendly, and plenty competitive. Now the sport is larger and still friendly, and plenty competitive. Has the spirit of triathlon changed during this period? Another cyclist rammed into my rear some years ago – […]

NYC Artwork at the Home Of Elie Hirschfeld – Breathtaking!

By Ronn Torossian Recently visited the home of a friend, Elie Hirschfeld, a lifelong New Yorker who is often referred to as a “real estate mogul.”  While that may indeed be the case, he’s so much more than that. The most recent purpose of my visit was to see some of the amazing collection of […]

East River Café Renews Lease With Elie Hirschfeld Properties

East River Café Renews Lease With Elie Hirschfeld Properties

The East River Café recently renewed their 10-year lease with building owner Elie Hirschfeld of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC. Located at 1111 1st Ave. at 61st Street the 2,300 square foot property has been occupied by The East River Café since 1994. The Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side offers outdoor dining, carry out, a […]

President Obama, Mark Birnbaum & Elie Hirschfeld Agree: Exercise Needed For Success

President Obama, Mark Birnbaum & Elie Hirschfeld Agree: Exercise Needed For Success

By Ronn Torossian In this month’s Vanity Fair Magazine, Michael Lewis wrote about President Obama, and something that really struck me was the importance the most powerful man on Earth puts to exercise.  Every single day, Obama starts his day with either weights or cardio, because as his staff said: “”His logic was always, ‘The […]