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The Jewish Nobel Prize

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky and Genesis Philanthropy Group founder Mikhail Fridman recently announced the Genesis Prize, the “Jewish Nobel Prize” – an international prize which will be awarded to Jews who win global recognition due to their achievements in the fields of science and the arts.   The Genesis […]

Chuck Norris & Netanyahu

n  “5 Broken Cameras” and “The Gatekeepers” are Israeli movies which have been nominated for best movies of the year at this year’s Oscars events.  Both of these movies are largely negative for the State of Israel and have largely had no effect domestically. n  And in today’s cute gimmicky news, Chuck Norris the action […]

Banned Israeli Political Ads: The Banned Ads of Israel Elections

In Israel, elections are approaching very soon and while its universally accepted that Benjamin Netanyahu will once again serve as Prime Minister, individual parties are still chasing votes – and utilizing creative public relations campaigns in the process. There are many advertisements, but making major news in Israel is the fact that The Central Elections […]

One Burgas Bombing Suspect Identified

According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), Bulgarian authorities have determined the identity of one of the men involved in the July bus bombing in Burgas that left six people – including five Israelis – dead and 32 people wounded. The JTA reports that Bulgarian law enforcement believes that at least three men were responsible […]

Ariel College Becomes University

Ariel College has officially now become Ariel University – and its news celebrated in Israel. As Yehuda Danon, president of the institution said: “It was a long marathon, the opposition stems from academic jealousy and budget concerns, and of course it is also linked to politics.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “After decades, the state […]

Netanyahu Losing Ground to Home Faction

Netanyahu Losing Ground to Home Faction

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been criticized by international figures for allowing Israelis to build settlements along the West Bank. Meanwhile, many figures in the media have lambasted Netanyahu for allegedly isolating Israel from the world, by being unfriendly to world powers, particularly to American President Obama. In spite of this, Netanyahu has continued […]

Israeli Foreign Minister Resigns

Israeli Foreign Minister Resigns

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned from his post today, after being indicted for breach of trust and fraud. According to Haaretz, the breach of trust charge stems from Lieberman’s dealings with Belarusian ambassador Ze’ev Ben Aryeh. He was accused of promoting Ben Aryeh after after Ben Aryeh reportedly tipped him off to the investigation […]

Netanyahu Accuses International Body of Hypocrisy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took world leaders to task yesterday for what he said was their hypocrisy. According to Jewish News One, the Prime Minister criticized the international community for condemning Israeli settlements while remaining silent on Hamas’s repeated calls for the destruction of Israel. “This weekend,” JN1 quotes the prime minister as saying, […]

Emanuel Bashes Netanyahu

Emanuel Bashes Netanyahu

According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, former White House Chief of Staff and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel  of accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “betraying” President Barack Obama by   approving the expansion of Israeli settlements and by denying tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority. The JTA further reports that Emanuel claimed that Netanyahu’s […]

World Powers Rally Around Israel as Hamas Fires Continue

By Rea Bochner, Though the almost week-long attacks of missile fire from Hamas into Israel is another unfortunate episode of history repeating itself, there comes in this installment an unexpected development: the stepping up of major world powers to voice their support of Israel, The Little Middle-Eastern Democracy That Could. On a recent tour […]