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Bank of Israel

The Governor of the Bank of Israel, Dr. Karnit Flug accepted the resignation of The Supervisor of Banks, David Zaken.  This resignation will take place at the end of the first half of the year.   David Zaken began his career at the Bank of Israel about 25 years ago, and since January 1, 2011, […]

Bank Of Israel

According to the Bank of Israel, in Israel economic growth has been positive in last few months.  In the second quarter of the year GDP grew rapidly, but this was influenced by the start of use of domestic natural gas. As this impact wears off, and in view of the continuing weakness of Israeli exports, […]

Ami Mesika, Bank Of Israel Research

During a recent conference, Prof. Nathan Sussman, Director of the Bank of Israel’s Research Department lectured on a number of points. He discussed how in Israel the increase in housing market prices has resumed, while the rate of increase of rental prices has moderated. He explained the developments in the housing market as the combination […]

Bank Of Israel Reduces Interest rates

The Bank of Israel’s Monetary Committee announced today a reduction in interest rates. “As the shekel continues to appreciate, and many central banks have lowered their interest rates, and the Israeli economy continues to grow and exceed expectations it is great news that the Bank of Israel has lowered interest rates.  From biotech to tourism, […]

The Bank of Israel keeps Interest Rate At 1.75 percent

The Bank Of Israel announced that they would keep the current interest rate at 1.75 percent, as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for February remained unchanged. Inflation expectations for the next twelve months calculated from the capital markets (breakeven inflation), seasonally adjusted, remained stable at 2 percent. Real economic activity: Updated indicators of economic activity […]

Israel’s Chief Banker Warns Against Complacency

Israel’s Chief Banker Warns Against Complacency

“Nobody should be relaxing,” warned Stanley Fischer, governor of the Bank of Israel. We must keep asking what might go wrong next, he said. “Something will go wrong somewhere, sometime,” he added. Fischer, the classical mentor of central bankers, makes connections to financial happenings that others just plain miss. Not a man easy to hornswoggle, […]