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British Music Promoted Fined for Anti-Semitic Tirade

British Music Promoter Philip Hayes has been fined in connection with anti-Semitic marks he made toward Jewish Labour Party MP Luciana Berger. According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the incident occurred in November, when Hayes and Berger both attended the Liverpool Music Awards.  At the event, says the JTA Hayes made several derogatory statements about […]

Vandals Deface Nativity Sets with Anti-Semitic Images

According to NBC Los Angeles, vandals on Huntington Beach have defaced two nativity scenes with anti-Semitic images. One of the sets was located on the property of a Catholic church and the other located outside a family residence. At the private residence, reports NBC, the vandals used a sharpie marker to write “Hail Hitler!” on […]

American Gives Anti-Semitic, Anti-Jewish Interview to Iran’s Press TV

This morning, Iran’s Press TV published an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish interview with American Mike Harris, financial editor of Phoenix’s Veterans Today.  In it, Harris blamed pro-Israel figures in Hollywood for the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school that left 20 children and six adults dead. Harris told Press TV that America was “founded on genocide and […]

Lublin Cancels Part of Planned Tolerance Campaign Because of Offensive Images

According to The Times of Israel, Lublin, Poland has canceled part of planned “tolerance campaign” after minority groups objected that the images used by the campaign were racist and anti-Semitic. Part of the campaign involved placing pictures of minorities on public transportation tickets, but the images printed showed monstrous looking characters that portrayed both Jews […]

Soccer Coach Supports Lifetime Ban For Fans Engaging in Anti-Semitic Behavior

Soccer Coach Supports Lifetime Ban For Fans Engaging in Anti-Semitic Behavior

West Ham soccer coach Sam Allardyce has condemned fans who chanted anti-Semitic slurs at the the Tottenham Hotspurs on Sunday. According to The Huffington Post UK, “A section of Hammers supporters made Nazi salutes and hissing noises – mimicking the gassing of Jews in the Holocaust – as well as singing Adolf Hitler chants.” According […]

Canadian Talk Show Host Suspended for anti-Semitic Remarks

Canadian Talk Show Host Suspended for anti-Semitic Remarks

A Canadian radio talk show host who told a caller that Jews could “sometimes be annoying” has come under fire from Jewish groups, both inside and outside of Canada. According to Arutz Sheva, the host, Jacques Fabi, listened without interruption as one of his guests criticized Israel for striking Palestinan targets in Gaza and then […]

Allegedly anti-Semitic Suspect Arrested in Polish Bomb Plot

On Tuesday, Polish officials said that law enforcement officers had arrested a researcher, who allegedly had plans to blow up the Polish parliament. According to CBS News, the suspect was a 45-year-old male, employed at Krakow’s University of Agriculture. He was also, according to CBS, known for his anti-Semitic and nationalistic views. According to The […]

Anti-Semitic Chanters Among Anti-Austerity Protesters in Rome

According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, police clashed with protesters throughout Rome yesterday. Some of these protesters, says The JTA shouted anti-Semitic , pro-Palestnian slogans outside the synagogue’s doors as they threw vases against the property. According to The Global Times, protesters at other locations hurled rocks at police officers, several of whom sustained injuries. […]

American Free Press Publishes Anti-Semitic Article

American Free Press Publishes Anti-Semitic Article

American Free Press (AFP), a weekly US newspaper, which has a long history of anti-Semitism, published yet another anti-Semitic article this morning. Under the headline, “U.S. Jews Embarrassed by Israeli Brutality”, AFP’s David Gahary wrote that “many gentiles” believed in a “Jewish unquenchable thirst for the ongoing murder, maiming and humiliation of not just Palestinian […]

Two New York Youths Charged with Hate Crime

Two New York youths, one 13-years-old, one 14, have been charged with a hate crime. According to The Wall Street Journal, the two allegedly vandalized a car in Wilton, by scratching anti-Semitic pictures and words onto it. According to The Post Star, “swastika and derogatory comment about Jewish people was scratched into the vehicle.” That […]