SnatchBot: An Israeli Company Bringing AI to the Mainstream

snatchWith numerous technologies rebuilding and reshaping landscapes in all industries, chatbots definitely stand out. They have hundreds of use cases and the ability to bring businesses and people closer together. As the word moves faster towards instant messaging, more and more chatbots are settling down in mobile messaging platforms.

SnatchBot recognized this as an opportunity to enter the market with a chatbot platform of their own. In one of the interviews, Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of SnachBot said: “We founded SnatchBot, utilizing our background in telecoms to envisage a future where conversational software was everywhere.”

We invite you to read their story and discover how they’ve achieved the best use of AI with chatbots.

The Beginning

The SnatchBot comes from the heart of the Start-Up Nation, as the world has been referring to Israel for the last couple of years. The story of this Israeli company starts back in 2015. The company is based in Herzliya Pituach and its focus is solely on chatbots.

The company was founded by Henri and Avi Ben Ezra. From the very start, they had this idea to bring something different to the world of chatbots – enable users to get a chatbot ready for implementation as fast as possible and minimize the technical skills required for such a process.

The SnatchBot solution is based on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning and NLP. They knew that leveraging the most complex functions in the tech world doesn’t necessarily have to make the end product too complex to use.

Actually, Avi Ben Ezra was very clear about this bit: “One of our biggest decisions was to invest in a state-of-the-art NLP system, which anyone could use, even if you have no coding background. In fact, I believe our whole platform is beautifully intuitive and user-friendly. Some evidence for this is that in less than a year, we have over 18,000 registered users who have built bots that have exchanged over 40 million messages with their users.”

The Platform

omichannelSnatchBot is a free chatbot-building platform that features the best use of AI with chatbots. The platform is designed and developed to be extremely easy to use.  More importantly, it has incredibly fast time-to-product rollout, meaning that you can get your chatbot up and running in your messaging channel in several minutes.


SnatchBot made sure to leave the door open to more advanced users and developers. Their platform can be used to create very complex bots that feature action buttons, localization, and the ability to collect payments and send receipts.


When it comes to supported messaging channels, SnatchBot supports integration with Skype, Viber, Facebook Messanger, Slack, and many other. Users also have the opportunity to choose any of the pre-made chatbots from the template directory and assign it to several messaging channels.


One of the most important things when creating a chatbot is to enable it to appear as human as possible in interactions. SnatchBot has succeeded in doing so by introducing NLP to their chatbot solution. Thanks to the NLP, chatbots built on this platform are able to hold human-like conversations.

Why is the NLP so important? First of all, NLP empowers chatbots to understand user inquiries and statements, even if they differ from the pre-programmed ones. More importantly, chatbots armed with NLP can remember and learn from the information they gather, improve and make interactions more engaging.

SnatchBot has fine-tuned their NLP engine. By using the sophisticated NLP models their bots are able to identify sentences almost as accurately as humans do. More importantly, SnatchBot chatbots utilize NLP models that are very effective at recognizing the intent of users.


To make everything as smart as possible, SnatchBot uses an AI to power up the core of their chatbot-building platform. The NLP we mentioned above, including the machine learning, are just subsets of a much more sophisticated AI running in the background. SnatchBot AI is designed to help chatbots process information at great speed.

Trough constant improvements made to algorithms and procedures, SnatchBot has achieved the best of AI with chatbots. Thanks to all the data gathered from the user–chatbot interactions, the best AI chatbot came into being. At the same time, this didn’t affect the ease of use in any way.


chatbotIn their latest efforts to make their chatbots even more convenient for users, SnatchBot has implemented the text-to-speech functionality. This adds an entirely new dimension to the user experience.

With this accessibility option, SnatchBot chatbots can now be used by people with visual impairments, and those who need to keep their eyes on the road while they drive to or back from work. By following their ease-of-use principle, SnatchBot has made text-to-speech easy to use and configure.

The Future

It appears that the future is already set in motion for SnatchBot. The company is aware of the chatbot growth. This is why they have been continuously making improvements to their platform and AI. Their efforts are targeted towards achieving specific goals: make chatbots easier to use and implement, make chatbot to human interactions appear more natural, and remain on the “best AI with a chatbot” throne.

SnatchBot’s ultimate goal is to fine-tune the AI to enable their chatbots to handle the whole customer experience. Further improvements to the AI and NLP will help chatbots quickly and accurately understand user intent and turn the interaction with a chatbot into a great experience.

All the features and capabilities introduced to chatbots by SnatchBot are powered by AI. It appears that this Israeli company has succeeded in bringing AI to the mainstream. This is a great success, considering how complex and sophisticated the application of AI is in solutions to real-world problems.

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