Sheldon Adelson: Devoted To Philanthropy


By Ronn Torossian

Following the news, we read a tremendous amount about “right-wing” Sheldon Adelson, but its bias and unfair to neglect his myriad of philanthropic interests.

Born in Boston to a Jewish cab driver father and a stay-at-home mother, the man credits his father for giving him one of life’s most important lessons of philanthropy.  While they were poor, he remembers at home his father dropping his coins into the classic “pushkeh”.  His father told him “As poor as we are, others are poorer”  – and that’s what drives Adelson to work as hard as he does.  And its simply amazing the man’s desire to help people.

Very little is known about the vital work Adelson and his wife Miriam do via The Adelson Medical Research Foundation (AMRF), which provides funding for medical research including support for an estimated 200 scientists, medical clinicians and researchers, nanotechnologists, computer scientists, physicians, physicists and other disciplines, as well as 70 medical institutions. AMRF funds medical research in the areas of neurology, immunology and oncology. Adelson and his wife created a collaborative medical model where everything done is shared with colleagues and collaborated. 

Earlier this year Sheldon Adelson was given the distinguished Patriot Award at the 4th Annual Armed Forces Foundation Congressional Gala in Washington, DC. Adelson was honored for his support of the armed forces community.

Adelson speaks of the need to help people constantly – and its biased of the media to simply speak about politics.  More information on their charities is available at

Ronn Torossian is an entrepreneur and author of “For Immediate Release.”

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Ronn Torossian About the Author: Ronn Torossian is the CEO of NY based 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR Agencies in the US. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a Jewish philanthropist and active in a number of worldwide Jewish organizations. More about Ronn Follow Ronn on: Facebook Google Plus Amazon

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  1. Jerry Hersch says:

    One wonders how much Adelson money went to the Texas legislature Republicans and to Republicans in other areas of the nation where few ,if any, Jews reside..therefore weakening across the board the politcal impactt of all Jews.

    For over a year I have listened to Republican candidates vying as to which of them is the “most Christian” and thus better qualified to serve in office..where does that leave the American Jew-”thrown under the bus”
    Evangelical lip service ‘support’ for Israel does not necessarily translate into support for Jews or Jewish equality.
    One has only to remember the Joe Straus affair.Straus,a Republican Jew,was elected Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, however there was virulent opposition from the Evangelical wing of the Republican Party..far more than the final vote tally. Every voice against Straus because he is a Jew..was also an outspoken”champion” of Israel
    Bear in mind that the opposition to Joe Straus was by “Educated” legislators.
    There are many areas of America where Jews are still an oddity
    Alabama 8850.Alaska 6150,Arkasas 1725,Iowa 6240,Mississippi 1575,Montana 1350,Nebraska 6100,North Dakota 400,Oklahoma 4200,South Dakota 395,Utah 5650,Wyoming 950….Twelve states 24 US Senators ..about a quarter of the total
    ..and a combined Jewish population of less than 45,000 and almost all of them are concentrated in a very few population centers in each of these states.. It is in this vast area nearly devoid of Jews that the Evangelical political base has its strength..To say nothing of the deep rural South that your Jewish parents avoided driving through because of anti-Semitism.
    The long,generations long,struggle to live in a secular American nation is in Jeopardy.
    The priority is to not be a ONE issue of Israel must go hand in hand with the security and future well-being of American Jewry.

  2. Jerry Hersch says:

    Republican control of the Senate means that the power moves from areas that are populated by Jews to the Deep South,Appalachia,the Great Plains,and Mountain states where Jews are few.

  3. Jerry Hersch says:

    Colaterally Jewish support for supposedly pro-Israel Evangelical legislators and and groups has been taken as a ‘we deserve it’ right to put more missionaries and proselytizers in Israel.The numbers having grown despite a “gentlemans agreement” from an estimated 1000 to 3000..some estimates are as high as 5000.

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