Shame on Yeshiva University Silence on Norman Lamm: The Jewish Joe Paterno?

I, Ronn Torossian, am simply in shock that no one in the community has spoken out about the Joe Paterno of the Jewish community, Rabbi Norman Lamm. Yes, I know Lamm is someone who has done so much for the Jewish community – but he has admitted that he was aware of sexual misconduct of staffers and did nothing about it. 

He didn’t report it to the authorities – and allowed the teachers to teach children (pass the buck).  Is this not the same (or worse) than what made Penn State fire Joe Paterno?

Rabbi Norman Lamm, who was President of YU at the time of these incidents (and is now Chancellor), said “This was before things of this sort had attained a certain notoriety.”Rabbi:  Get your head out of the chumash – child molestation has always “had certain notoriety.” And you educate Jewish youth?

Fire Norman Lamm now.  Jewish community step up and demand that anyone who turns a blind eye to molesters is fired. Where are you?

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Ronn Torossian About the Author: Ronn Torossian is the CEO of NY based 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR Agencies in the US. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a Jewish philanthropist and active in a number of worldwide Jewish organizations. More about Ronn Follow Ronn on: Facebook Google Plus Amazon

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  1. YMG says:

    Ronn Torossian has touched a new low with his slew of postings on this subject–yes, Torossian has curiously decided to make it his business (pun intended) to run around the internet and post rambling condemnations of Rabbi Lamm. In each of his multiple posts, on multiple websites, Torossian rehashes the same thing – Rabbi Lamm’s actions are similar to those of Joe Paterno, Yeshiva University should fire him and have a proper investigation. Oh, and he makes sure, of course, to inform us that he runs a PR firm.

    First off, I find it comical that Torossian is so ready to condemn and calls for the University to take punitive action against Rabbi Lamm before the “proper investigation” he calls for has even taken place. Indeed, at this stage, we are talking about only allegations – there has been not a single conviction, indeed not even a threatened action! Talk about putting the cart before the horse! And, at that, on the subject of the Jewish values, Torossian so self-righteously trumpets, what ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

    Second, the comparison to Joe Paterno is completely fallacious – for multiple reasons:

    * Again, sexual abuse actually took place in the Sandusky case – here, there are only unsubstantiated allegations.
    * In their substance, the allegations in the Sandusky case were very clearly sexual (sex in the shower); here, they were more unclear (wrestling – even the father of one of the victims “didn’t know what to make of it”).
    * The Sandusky case happened thirty years after those that happened here; attitudes in how to deal with such issues were dramatically different.
    * Sandusky was an assistant coach on Paterno’s relatively small football team; the two administrators in question were relative small fries in a small part of the institution (MTA, which YU contemplating closing in the 1990’s) that Rabbi Lamm oversaw – one with thousands of students, administrators and faculty, and multiple campuses and graduate schools.
    * Most fundamentally, Paterno took no action and kept Sandusky on staff; Rabbi Lamm pushed these two individuals out.

    While I am cognizant of “Not attacking the messenger,” in light of the Torossian’s almost inexplicable rash of postings across multiple blogs, I do think that there is something else at play here. In each posting, Torossian curiously makes a point of prominently name-dropping the public relations firm that he runs. Which makes one wonder, is this really an attempt by Torossian to add to our communal dialogue – which he utterly fails to do – or to shamelessly capitalize on a saucy communal scandal to self-promote himself and his business? His multiple postings suggest the latter. And, one must say, in an age where people will do the most desperate and despicable things to self-promote and get noticed, to so non-judiciously bash someone else to do it would probably make even Kim Kardashian grimace.

  2. Arnold N says:

    Why would anyone defend this man? If it was your child being sodomized by a toothbrush, would you would say that you understood the “notoriety” wasn’t there. Why on Earth would your initial comments be disparage the author of the most.

  3. ROSENBERG says:

    Sent: Sun, Dec 23, 2012 11:12 am
    Subject: in the jewish week web ben rosenberg 732 572 2766

    the Forward is only interested in attacking Orthodox Judaism and using all of you as a ploy. ALL SHOULD STOP COMMENTING AND perhaps this would die out. The students involved are now remembering things that happened in the 60’s and 70’s AND 80’S . The bottom line is why didnt the parents go to the police. The excuse that they were afraid the children’s reputations would be destroyed is ludicrous. I would have taken action immediately. DR. LAMM is being used as a fall guy. It would be best if all involved no longer made comments to the press. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    • Shlomo Gluck says:

      As an orthodox Jew, I hope this paper explodes on the scene. This is a targeted attack on institutionalized sickness that protects, coddles, and even supports those who are abusive to high school age children physically, mentally and psychologically.

      Your gag order has succeeded for decades. No longer.

    • ROSENBERG says:

      the Forward is relentless in demanding resignations at Y.U. I SUGGEST A BOYCOTT BY THE Y.U. community and Y.U. CONNECTED ADVERTISERS.. At this point they just want to sell papers .

  4. ROSENBERG says:

    Having been both a student and teacher at Yeshiva University during these years, I pose one question: Why didn’t the parents of these students call the police. If it was my child I would have confronted these instructors and gone to the police and administration immediately and hired a lawyer. Had any of these students approached me when I was a young teacher of speech at Yeshiva College and told me of this I would have acted with vigor. Yeshiva University is a great institution. Let’s not forget that many of today’s Jewish leaders are products of YU. It is good that this horrendous part of the history of Yeshiva University has gone public so the individuals can find some degree of justice and peace. We are all awaiting Yeshiva University’s response. It is still a great institution with fantastic teachers and Rebbaim.
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    • Shlomo Gluck says:

      Your Right Rabbi, its the children and parents fault this all happened. They are guilty of being abused because they didn’t report it.

      This twisted logic is precisely why such crimes can go on for literally decades.

      Shame on you. Shame on YU.

      As for you patience in waiting for a response from YU, keep waiting. Some of us have been waiting literally decades for a response.

  5. ROSENBERG says:

    So far there is an anonymous accusation against Rabbi Macy Gordon


    • Shlomo Gluck says:

      What a sick response by a self proclaimed “rabbi”.

      Your argument is that because the victim of molestation received education from that institution he should just keep his mouth shut. Apparently students of an institution should not only fork over hordes of money to pay for schooling, but submit to monstrous acts of molestation by teachers as repayment.

      This is such a sick disturbing statement I don’t know where to begin.

  6. ROSENBERG says:

    So far there is an anonymous accusation against Rabbi Macy Gordon

    MY SOURCE TELLS ME MR. ANONYMOUS GRADUATED EINSTEIN. MEDICAL SCHOOL OF YESHIA UNIVERSITY SEEMS LIKE HE OWES Y.U. HIS CAREER. YESHIVA UNIVERSITY is the school where I spent most of of academic life. Do not lecture me on what I owe or do not. For your information, RIETS and .J.S.S. made be who I am. I will fight for the school that produced abbey that cared for me and nutured me. It is not my fault that parents who knew of these acts did nothing including showing up in mass to punish the individual who did malice to their child. Do not lecture me on sexual violence. Where were the parents who knew. ? Stop whining and trying to destroy Yeshiva University and have Rabbi Lamm resign. He did what was proper at the time. Prove that Rabbi GORDON molested anyone. The story about the toothbrush is ludicrous. I have had my own issues with the R..C.A. AND Y.U. , but I did not wake up 35 years later to realize I was molested. Go to ISRAEL AND CONFRONT these abusers , they are still alive. I call upon current students and alumni to speak up on behalf of their school. I FOR ONE HAVE HEARD ENOUGH UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS THAT HAVE RUINED TWO LIVES. DO NOR RESPOUND SHAME ON YOU OR I DO NOT UNDERSTAND SEX ABUSE. I understand if this happened to my child and I knew of it I WOULD HAVE CALLED FRIENDS and made sure the culprit never did this to any child again. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  7. ROSENBERG says:

    I have come full circle regarding the students who were abused at YU. At first, I blamed the parents for not going to the school authorities when it occurred. Then I asked why no one went to the police.My initial reaction as a long time teacher at YU as well as a student for a good part of my life was to circle the wagons. I was wrong and admit this before the High Holidays. I have come to the conclusion that it is the YU administration which constantly protects themselves. There are a number of dinosaurs who have been at YU forever who are responsible for allowing some of these students to be abused when information was known regarding the abusers. They are still at YU and some serve on the board of directors. All the excuses regarding Rabbi Finkelstein are absurd. He should never have been allowed to obtain employment at other schools or in Israel after YU. I have proof that students with disabilities are not treated fairly and teachers do not appreciate nor make the effort to understand the severity of their disabilities. YU is supposed to be a private school where Jewish students are treated with Jewish moral laws and compassion. This is not happening. In addition there is favoritism towards children of the big “machers” who can get by with anything. This is cruel. This favoritism holds true throughout YU. As one who has always shown loyalty to YU, raised over 1.5 million dollars for YU, as well as taught there for at least ten years since 1972 I am appalled and I am speaking out on behalf of these students.
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

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