Rutgers Investigating Alleged Bias Incident Against Jewish Student

Rutgers Investigating Alleged Bias Incident Against Jewish StudentRutgers University is investigating a possible bias incident on its campus, after The Medium, a satirical campus newspaper, published a pro-Hitler article under the name of a well-known Jewish student – Aaron Marcus.
The Medium also sparked controversy in 2004, when it ran a cartoon that mocked the Holocaust. University President Richard L. McCormick called the cartoon “outrageous in its cruelty” and demanded that the paper issue an immediate apology.

The new article was similarly outrageous. It was titled “What About the Good Things Hitler Did?” It featured a picture of Marcus above an article that, according to The Daily Mail, included lines including, “Give Hitler a little thanks.”

Marcus filed a bias complaint against the paper in response. He said that he was “All for free speech”, but against libel and impersonation. “They do not have a right,” he said, “to attribute an anti-Semitic diatribe that praises Adolf Hitler under my name and image.” He further said that it was “painful” for him to know that people believed he would write such material, because he comes from a family of Holocaust survivors.

While representatives from the paper argued that their intent in writing the article was to create a satirical April Fool’s joke, Marcus holds that their intent was to damage his name and reputation. McCormick condemned article, saying that the article was “extremely offensive and repugnant.” He declared that no one should have to be subjected to such treatment, even if printing such articles was a constitutionally protected right.

This is not the first time Marcus has filed a bias report with Rutgers. In December, Marcus allegedly received anti-Semitic threats from the Outreach Coordinator for Rutgers’ Center for Middle Eastern Studies as well as some of his fellow students.

According to The Huffington Post, the coordinator wrote a post on Facebook calling Marcus a “racist Zionist pig.” The Huffington Post also reports that another Facebook comment about Marcus allegedly read, “Id [sic] be happy to see him beat [sic] with a crow bar. Violence doesnt [sic] solve problems but it shuts up people who shoudnt [sic] speak.”

Marcus also told the conservative Young America’s Foundation that that outreach coordinator had started a petition to have him removed from his position as a columnist for the campus newspaper, because she disagreed with his views. Marcus suggested that the reason the coordinator objected to his column was that he had “monitored” the anti-Israel movement on campus, to “hold them accountable” for their words and actions. He said that they had responded by trying to block him from their events.

Giving credence to Marcus’s claims is an article published by The Jerusalem Post in January of 2011. It claimed that Marcus, along with other Jewish students, had been banned by Rutgers University from attending an open campus anti-Israel event. Although the event was originally said to be an “open invitation” event, The Jerusalem Post reports that sponsoring organizations asked “asked campus police to bar students wearing kippas from the event.”

Marcus has not yet taken legal action against The Medium – but he says he has not ruled out the possibility.

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