Ronn Torossian: Judaism Is About Happiness & Good Deeds

Owing a Public Relations agency, I have to be glued to the news and connected to what’s going on day to day.  It’s not easy to stay upbeat, as rarely does one see a positive, good story in the media, whether in the secular or mainstream media, Its constant fear, scandal and shame. Personally, I have always been involved in Judaism & Zionism – raising a voice against Arab bombs of Israel, Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Revisionism and plenty of other disasters.  But, its important to remember that life isn’t about negativity and Judaism is about being positive and enjoying the beauty of being Jewish, and all of us in the Jewish community should speak about positivity, fun and excitement.


First thing in the morning, I often listen to an inspirational song by popular Israeli singer Eyal Golan, a song which has become legendary in Israel in recent years:
Translation: There is one mighty God – He gives us everything in this world.
Between darkness to a sun beam – We only need to choose the path
It is known life is a gift – All is expected and is allowed
The one who believes is not afraid – To lose faith – We all have the King of the universe- Who guards us from it all or read the following amazing article about the great Rabbi Nachman – – “Joy really fills you; whatever you have is fuller, and sadness empties you out.”
I often attend Friday night services at the Carlebach Shul  in NYC. The synagogue of the great  Rabbi Carlebach –  it’s a holy experience with singing and dancing. Rabbi Carlebach famously said that when the Jewish people lost the Holy Temple, we lost the music that was played in the Holy Temple that included thousands of instruments and voices. Approaching the Holy Temple was said to be the most awesome experience; between the smell of the incense and the sound of the music, it was beyond. One of the holiness’ in Judaism are the melodies of the Torah and the Prophets – and as Carlebach used to say “if more people could ‘sing a new song to God!’ we could really fix the whole world.”
Practice good PR – for yourself and the Jewish community – Be happy it’s also a commandment.
Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR firm. He is an active philanthropist, formerly serving as President of Betar, the youth movement of

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Ronn Torossian About the Author: Ronn Torossian is the CEO of NY based 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR Agencies in the US. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a Jewish philanthropist and active in a number of worldwide Jewish organizations. More about Ronn Follow Ronn on: Facebook Google Plus Amazon

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