Ron Hershco: Russell Simmons to Chabad

A very generous donor to Chabad has also been a generous donor to a celebrity charity. Ron Hershco, a self-made entrepreneur has been an outspoken active supporter of the Russell Simmons Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation – which helps kids from NY to express themselves through art.  Simmons is known as a close friend of Rabbi Marc Schneir and others involved in the world of interfaith dialogue.

Ron Hershco has donated well over $2 Million dollars, in real estate, dollars and work – including a 11,000 square-foot Brooklyn based center.  This charity of Simmons’ focused on three arenas to help kids meet their full potential – grants so kids can pursue their dreams, exhibitions so they can see there is a world beyond their neighborhood, and mentoring.

Mentors offer youth a chance to learn from others and often times receive opportunities they don’t always have at home.  It’s a very special thing and opportunity to learn from.

Ron Hershco is really someone who believes in making a difference.

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  1. Joey Taye says:

    Thank you to all donors like Ron Hershco who make a difference.

  2. Richard R says:

    Ron Hershco thank you for all you do for chabad.

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