Rally in Washington, DC Against Muslim Brotherhood

Coptic Solidarity and several Egyptian organizations in America plan to held a peaceful rally in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, August 22nd. The group gathered to expose and denounce the terrorist acts by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, and to expose the bias of the Obama administration and certain American media towards the Brotherhood.

Many voices throughout the US have spoken out against the dangers in Egypt including David Cerullo, Jay Sekulow of ACLJ and others.

Participants assembled at the main gate of the White House then marched to the headquarters of The Washington Post followed by the headquarters of CNN. The march ended in front of the Egyptian military attache’s office in Washington to show support for the Egyptian army in its role, mandated by the Egyptian people, who came out in millions, against the Brotherhood’s terror.

Since August 14, 2013, the militias of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Jihadist allies waged unsolicited attacks killing over 90 police officers and security personnel and hundreds of innocent Egyptians. In unprecedented violence in Egypt’s modern history, Islamists set ablaze 68 churches, monasteries, schools, orphanages and other Christian institutions and scores of Copt-owned houses and businesses. They burned museums, courts, police centers and other public institutions. The clear objective of the Brotherhood, dubbed by some Western media as having “renounced violence for a long time,” is to drive Egypt into chaos and civil war.

Sinai is fast becoming a hotbed for terrorism that will not be limited to Egypt, but the area will certainly become a springboard to the Middle East and Europe. This catastrophic situation is a direct result of actions taken by Morsi’s defunct regime, that released on presidential parole condemned terrorists and opened Egypt’s borders to hundreds more from across the region.

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