Benyamin Mazoor moved to Beth Shemesh close to five years ago from a secular area in Israel so that his children can have an Orthodox education.  Under no circumstance was he able to find a school suitable for his children due to their Sephardic background. After searching for a proper solution, he was introduced to the distinguished great Tzadik and well known spiritual and major community leader Hagaon Rabbi Chaim Fogel Shlit”a.  Rabbi Fogel remembers and admires the love and concern of the first Grand Rabbi Yoel of Satmar O. B. M. had for our Sephardic and Yemenite brothers and sisters.  He told Mr. Mazoor that his only choice is to create a new Yeshivah for Sephardic children in Beth Shemesh and that he is obviously prepared to help him to make it a reality.

Within a year Talmud Torah Toras Chaim was established. Which is the only Ultra-Orthodox Sephardic School in Beth Shemesh and surrounding areas accommodating 70 students in six classrooms with a policy that  “No Child Will ever Be Left Behind”. This past year Mazoor also founded the first  Orthodox Sephardic Girls School with 30 students. A year ago Rabbi Shlomo Braun who has succeeded in assisting many organizations and individuals in the past 50 years, learned about the uniqueness of this school from some friends in Brooklyn and decided that on his next trip to Israel he will visit the Yeshivah.  During the last Chanukah season Rabbi Braun appeared unannounced to the Yeshiva, and Benyomin Mazoor gave him an impressive tour and invited Rabbi Braun to interview and test the children’s knowledge of their learnings.  Rabbi Braun having visited many Educational institutions in his lifetime was pleasantly surprised and considerably amazed at their behavior, self confidence and above all how much these children have absorbed in themselves the knowledge, respect and admiration of their Torah teachings.  The distinguished administrator, Mr Mazoor later shared with Rabbi Braun that the driver who transports morning & evening ten children from an area where there is no Orthodox education has not been paid for over one year.  it is unfortunately due to the severe financial burden on the Yeshiva and the poverty level of their parents that caused that the driver has not been paid. The driver gave an ultimatum that if he doesn’t receive the funds owed to him soon, he will have no alternative except to cease transportation services for these children, (which may have left them uneducated).  All other children of this school live in walking distance and have no need for transportation.

Mazoor also mentioned to Rabbi Braun that the  small  house on Rechov Sinai 30/B in Beit Shemesh where the current Yeshiva has been for the past for years is unable to accommodate many additional children on the waiting list because there is no room for them. The School has an opportunity to purchase the house adjacent to them but needs a minimal fund of $100,000 for a down payment.

The first request about the transportation Rabbi Braun accommodated by bringing on the recent day of Purim several thousand dollars in cash! To pay out the entire balance owed to the driver. (See photo)  As Rabbi Braun presented him with the unexpected amount of money Mazoor stated, “it is extremely difficult to convince tourists from the USA to pay a visit to this outstanding school”.  He is certain that Rabbi Braun was a messenger sent by the one and only, and therefore came to visit our school earlier this year and returned again with the generous gift that he raised in the USA in the Boro Park in the main Satmar Congregation on 53rd Street.

Mr. Mazoor thanked Hashem for his unusual success in the past four years and prayed to almighty G-D that he be blessed with a few additional friends like Rabbi Braun.

The second request is being addressed.  Everyones help is desperately needed. For additional information please call 0533122354 or email to Benyamin Mazoor at mmm96362@gmail.com

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