Q1 2013 Israel Real Estate Report

The full Israel Real Estate Report has just been released summarizing Q1 2013 Israel Real Estate market conditions – including analyzaiton of the commercial office, retail, industrial and construction sectors and analyzing key details which can effect market performance. With a focus on  Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, the report covers the rental market performance in terms of rates and yields over the past 18 months – including newly collected data covering H112 – and examines how best to maximise returns in the commercial real estate market, while minimising investment risk and exploring the impact of infrastructure initiatives on a market characterised by an optimistic five-year outlook.

Full report may be read at: http://www.fastmr.com/prod/529372_israel_real_estate_report_q1_2013.aspx?afid=101

Some Key points:

n  Foreign money, including Israelis like Ron Hershco and others have driven up market prices throughout the country

n  The Arab Spring could have a potential effect upon the stability of Israel’s borders – which could affect pricing in the future

n   House prices in Israel have risen rapidly in recent years, raising concerns that a bubble has formed in the property market.

n  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains a market favorite as he has consistently been pro-business.  However, the government is set to rein in spending, while leading indicator data paint a somewhat negative picture for private consumption and fixed investment. As a result, forecasts for real GDP to grow 2.8% and 3.3% in 2012 and 2013 respectively, from 2.9% and 3.5% previously.

n  The Israel Land Administration (ILA) plans to develop 35,000 homes on land formerly leased to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) signifies the Israeli government’s commitment to lowering house prices in light of growing domestic unrest.

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