President Obama & Hillary Clinton – No Red Lines On Iran

By Ronn Torossian

One wonders if President Obama & Hillary Clinton missed the lesson about a carrot and a stick.  One wonders who is being served by not “setting red lines.”  A terrorist speaks of destroying a democratic nation – shouldn’t there be “red lines?”

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded quickly: “The world is telling Israel to wait on Iran because there is time and I ask, ‘Wait for what? Wait for when? Clearly, diplomacy and sanctions didn’t work. Every day that passes brings Iran closer to a nuclear bomb and that’s a fact. Those who refuse to draw red line to Iran don’t have the moral right to put a red line to Israel.”

As Likud MK Danny Danon said: “Hillary Clinton’s words on not setting red lines for the Iranians are a slap in the face to the State of Israel. This irresponsibility in handing the Iranian issue is dangerous to the Western world. On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, there is a need to issue clear lines to the Iranians, who are threatening the entire Western world.”

Interestingly, Danon released a new book discussing the Israel-American relationship entitled: “Israel: The Will to Prevail” which can be purchased at:

Netanyahu’s father would be proud of him, as he was a follower of the great Zionist thinker Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who in 1911 wrote an essay called “Instead of Excessive Apology”: “We are not to sit for anybody’s examination and nobody is old enough to call on us to answer. We came before them and will leave after them. We are what we are we are good for ourselves…”

Ze’ev Jabotinsky said the Jewish people “do not have to account to anybody” – and Netanyahu today said the same thing.  One would hope that there are indeed red lines for murderers, and it’s shameful the Obama administration doesn’t make it clearer to Iran that a nuclear bomb is unacceptable.

Ronn Torossian is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and author.

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Ronn Torossian About the Author: Ronn Torossian is the CEO of NY based 5W Public Relations, 1 of the 25 largest PR Agencies in the US. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a Jewish philanthropist and active in a number of worldwide Jewish organizations. More about Ronn Follow Ronn on: Facebook Google Plus Amazon

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  1. zad says:

    Dear Ronn, it is high time Israel went it alone on striking the Iranian terrorist laeders and their nuclear reactors. Forget about Obama and Hillary and the US government, they only want to be reelected. The US officilas are right now talking to King Abdallah of Jordan and the UK Prime Minister to convince Netanyahu not attacking Iran! What a shame! You should have known better. The US will never do anything which doesn’t benefit it. Europeans are graduated cowards who like America are only interested in the economy not Israel survival. Nato is shambles right now failing to even lift a stick against Syria!Only Canada has lately demonstrated that it won’t be held hostage by the cursed regime of Ayatollahs.Come on Israel, bomb the demon possessed Ayatollahs now to teach all the enemies of Israel.

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