PR Agency Survey on Who Owns Social Media?

A recent PR agency survey asked “Who Owns Social Media?” Many different C-level executives may wish to take ownership – but it’s a fast growing area with unclear boundaries. Makovsky surveyed 174 Marketing and Public Relations/Corporate Communications C-Level executives in 2012.

Top-line results of the survey:

n  86 percent of those surveyed said CCOs & CMOs work well together on traditional corporate and brand identity programs

n  74 percent cited responsibility for social media as an area in which they fail to collaborate effectively

n  74 percent of respondents felt that marketing and public relations departments were successful at collaboration on content and thought leadership strategies and tactics

n  83 percent felt that marketing function should note that corporate reputation is the consequence of authentic behavior

n  79 percent said that “data and analytics must shape decision-making,”

“Public Relations will only continue to grow – for many different reasons. That said, we in the PR business must continue to guide and control conversations and digital media is a key way to make that happen.   This study has some interesting information worth reviewing,” said Ronn Torossian, founder of 5WPR.

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