Poll Suggests Obama May Be Losing Jewish Support

A new IBD/TIPP Poll shows Jewish voters favoring Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over President Obama in the upcoming presidential election. Those who conducted the survey asked voters, “If the election for U.S. president were held today and the following were candidates, for whom would you vote?”

45.7% of those polled said that they would vote for President Obama, while 46.9% said that they would vote for former Governor Romney. Romney’s lead is hardly shocking after his post-debate surge, but his popularity among Jewish voters is more surprising, as Jewish voters have generally favored Democrats in past presidential elections. In the last election, for instance, President Obama won support from around 78% of Jewish voters. It is worth noting that 16% of those surveyed were undecided. Should the majority of these voters choose Obama, Romney’s lead over the president could disappear.

Nevertheless, according to Jacob Kornbluh of Gestetner Updates, a political blog run by former Republican Director of Jewish outreach for New York State Yossi Gestetner, “the poll of likely votes shows a dramatic, unprecedented shift among likely Jewish voters.”

Gil Ronen of Arutz Sheva, however, notes that the poll was qualified with a comment indicating that it was based on a small sample of likely voters and that, therefore, it should be “viewed with caution.” According to Ronen, the poll was based on the answers of 812 likely voters, “with an 8% advantage for registered Democrats over Republicans.”

Ronen also observes that the last IBD/TIPP poll (released in September), showed Obama leading Romney 59% over 35%.,Both Republicans and Democrats have been trying to appeal to these undecided voters in campaigns around the country. They have particularly targeted undecided voters in swing states like Florida. If the IBD/TIPP poll is not an anomaly, it suggests that the efforts of Republicans to court Jewish voters may be paying off.

There are also other indications that President Obama is losing ground with Jewish voters. National Review’s Nathaniel Botwinick observes that while Obama won 76% of the Jewish vote in Florida during the last election, today’s polls show him winning only 69%. While this still gives him a substantial lead over Romney, it suggests that Jewish voters are unhappy with the president’s record.

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  1. Kay says:

    You Suck Romeny!

  2. Jason says:

    If you don’t pay taxes you should not be allowed to vote! Simple as that.
    The bible says if you don’t work you don’t eat,
    Black people would vote for Satan over Jesus if he was black they are more racist than white people.
    Look at Greece it is Americas future wake up Socialism never works ever in the history of man.

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