Oro Gold Cosmetics Thrives in Global Cosmetic Market

The cosmetic industry is notoriously difficult to enter into, let alone thrive in. Between the current beauty product giants, and specialized  brands, the competition for skincare and makeup is immense. However, with a great product and hard work, a brand can prosper by providing customers with the best possible skincare products. Oro Gold Cosmetics, founded out of Israel by Mazal Enterprises, has grown into a global brand with high-end, luxury, beauty products by providing a unique mix of benefits and advantages over other cosmetic products.

               Oro Gold Cosmetics gets its name from including real gold in products that allow the user to experience benefits which were only available to the extremely wealthy for most of history. For centuries, gold has been recognized centuries,  for luxurious and beautifying properties; queens and princesses have used gold to enhance their beauty. Oro Gold cosmetics now give users a way get glowing, younger and beautiful skin.

          The gold used by Oro Gold Cosmetics in their formula is actually called “colloidal gold” which takes on nano properties. These sub-micrometer-sized particles of gold are able to be safely added into the cosmetic products and allow the gold to be easier absorbed through the skin pores. The tiny particles diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to the anti-aging properties, Oro Gold products also will leave your skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

                 Oro Gold Cosmetics’ product line has expanded greatly over the years. They offer amazing products for both men and women, ranging from daily essential products part of a skincare routine to deliver vital minerals and vitamins to the skin, to luxurious masks which leave the skin glowing, vibrant, and young for days after the application.

The product line also includes moisturizers, exfoliators, luxurious products for body care, and more specific products from oil control to bio-brightening. This product line diversity has allowed Oro Gold Cosmetics to thrive – how inspiring to see any Israeli business grow in this manner.

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  1. Christopher Mark says:

    Oro Gold Cosmetics has great products. Does anyone know if they are running any specials? I saw a great deal on Groupon from Orogold but I missed it.

  2. Yossi A. says:

    I visited the companys twitter account and saw they hired Denise Richards that is awesome – love oro gold

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