Organic and Kosher: New Food Trends Meet the Old

As people are increasingly mindful of how what they eat impacts their health, kosher food is finding a new, broader market. One Pennsylvanian company, Wise Organic Pastures, is building its niche as an organic, kosher beef and chicken farmer that appeals to both Jews and the health-conscious.

Wise Organic Pastures was begun in 1992 by Rachel Wiesenfeld, who was looking for healthy, hormone-free chicken she could serve on her strictly kosher table. Her son Isaac now runs the business. He explains the company vision is to “bring our customers good-quality, healthy, kosher and organic meat and poultry that has been raised humanely and tastes great.”

The chickens are free-range, able to roam outdoors or in a temperature-controlled chicken house. Their processing facilities are under the supervision of both Crown Heights Kosher and the Orthodox Union. Wise Organic Pastures gets its organic certification from the USDA. Being certified as organic means that their animals are fed a vegetarian diet and ingest no growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or GMOs.

Just Another Organic Product Until It Promoted Its Kosher Certification

The marketplace for organic foods is actually getting quite crowded. Shoppers at places like Whole Food expect and demand a variety of organic foods. When Wise Organic Pastures was simply Wise Poultry, it had unremarkable sales.

However, the company worked with a branding company, Pure Branding, to re-introduce its product line. Through the re-branding process, the company was renamed Wise Organic Pastures and began promoting itself as “Double Certified.” Today, each Wise Organic Pasture product is clearly marked with a seal highlighting that the product is both kosher and organic certified.

Since its re-branding and promotion as both a kosher and organic product, sales of Wise Organic Pastures’ meat have increased 40 percent. Its products are available for sale at Whole Foods and a variety of other grocery chains throughout the United States. You can also buy directly from Wise Organic Pastures at their website at

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