One Burgas Bombing Suspect Identified

According to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), Bulgarian authorities have determined the identity of one of the men involved in the July bus bombing in Burgas that left six people – including five Israelis – dead and 32 people wounded.

The JTA reports that Bulgarian law enforcement believes that at least three men were responsible for the attack.Meanwhile, The Times of Israel reports that as many as five people may have been involved, but if so, most have not been identified and authorities know two of them only by the aliases they used on their fake ids. According to The Jerusalem Post One of the attackers reportedly used the name Jacque Felipe Martin, while another used the name Ralph Willima Rico. All three bombers allegedly used the same fake ids, which said they were from Michigan. While authorities now know the real name of the third accomplice, they have not yet released it to the public. None of the suspects, says The JTA, are in custody and at least one of them died in the attack.

According to The Associated Press, the head of the Bulgarian investigation team, Stanelia Karadzhova said that all three of the men involved in the attack were “foreign nationals.” However, says AP, she did not tell reporters what the third suspect’s nationality was. She did say that the suspect had not lived in his country of origin for more than five years.

Back in July, CNN reported that Bulgaria’s interior minister believed that the attack had been carried out by a suicide bomber. The suspect allegedly placed a bomb in his backpack before boarding the bus.

According to The Jerusalem Post, however, Karadzhova says new evidence suggests that the suspect who died in the attack may not have intended to kill himself. According to The Post, Karadzhova said that the bomb the attacker was wearing may have been detonated by a third party “during a chaotic moment” or that the suspect may have pushed a button himself to set off the explosives in his backpack.

According to CNN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hamas and Hezbollah for the attack, but Bulgarian officials did not confirm his statements.

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