Need A Sober Driver Purim Night? And Important Tips for Those Who Drink on Purim

As We Enter PurimThe Daily Vort Wishes You And The Rest Of Klal Yisrael A Happy And Safe Purim!

Remember: Don’t Drink And Drive

Need A Sober Driver Purim Night?

If you are in Queens NY and you need a sober driver:

The “Don’t Drink and Drive”program was created to prevent people who may be unfit to drive by offering those individuals a sober driver to get them home safely when no other driver is available.
The dispatcher number assigned for the Chaverim of Queens “Don’t Drink and Drive” Purim campaign is 347-684-1155 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            347-684-1155      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

In Baltimore MD: Here’s how it works:

1. The service will be available from 2 hours after Shabbos until 1 AM on the night of Purim, Feb. 23rd, and from 7:00 PM until 1 AM on Purim day, Feb. 24th.

2. Call the NWCP 24 Hour Hotline at 410-664-6927 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            410-664-6927      end_of_the_skype_highlighting x8.

3. Give the dispatcher your phone number, address where someone needs to be picked up, and address where the person needs to be dropped off. Please do not give your name as all rides are anonymous.

Important Tips for Those Who Drink on Purim:


It is worth knowing that hangovers can be avoided. With a little knowledge and care, you can still get drunk to the point of “ad delo yada” without suffering from it afterwards.

The following directions can prevent or reduce the unpleasant side effects of drinking. They are based on reliable medical sources, and have been proven in practice.

If you don’t feel well, do not drink. Alcohol interferes with the immune system, and drinking can inhibit the body from healing itself properly.

Before drinking:

1. Eat a lot. Fatty foods (or foods mixed with olive oil), fried foods and starchy foods (made of flour, potatoes, rice, etc.) are especially good.

2. Eat burnt toast. The carbon in it aids greatly in the digestion of alcohol.

3. Drink water or other non-alcoholic beverages, especially those containing vitamins. Taking a multi-vitamin is also a good idea.

Though eating may slow the effect of the alcohol, it will not prevent intoxication. Drinking and eating will prevent dehydration, and help the body absorb the alcohol properly, preventing feelings of nausea.

While drinking:

1. Cheap alcoholic drinks are harder on the body, so don’t drink junk. Light-colored drinks and those with no sugar added are also better for you.

2. Stick to one type of drink. Only drink beverages derived from the same source of alcohol (e.g. grape, grain or other fruits). Definitely do not drink wine after beer.

3. Don’t drink too much too fast. You should wait at least half an hour between drinks. (One drink = one glass of wine or one shot of whisky).

Waiting will not prevent your intoxication.

4. Accompany your alcoholic drinking with more food and non-alcoholic beverages (burnt toast is particularly helpful). It is best to drink at least one light beverage with every alcoholic drink you have.

5. Don’t drink carbonated beverages. They complicate the absorption of the alcohol.

6. It is advisable to avoid caffeinated beverages like cola, coffee, or tea.

If you start feeling nauseous, stop drinking alcohol, drink lots of water, and eat starchy foods. The food will absorb the toxins of the alcohol-not eating is a big mistake.

After drinking:

It is important to help the body continue to digest the alcohol within it, and to replenish its store of vitamins. Therefore you should continue drinking water and other beverages containing salt, sugar, and vitamins (especially vitamin C and potassium). You may also want to take a multi-vitamin.

If you don’t feel well the next morning, have eggs (cooked are better than fried) with burnt toast and a banana. These foods contain the nutrition that the body needs to rehabilitate itself. You can also aid the process by drinking water and resting up well.

A Freilichen Purim!!

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