Moshe Lax Official Statement on Recent Media Coverage

Hi this is Moshe Lax.  I am making this video statement as I am concerned about certain media reports. I am a private person yet feel the need to make this statement.

Nine years ago my father died and I inherited his estate.  While I have wanted to protect his honor, the unfortunate reality is that when he died he was underwater with the IRS to the tune of over $150 Million dollars, many lawsuits and more.  Money was invested with real estate developers in 2007 and projects collapsed.  When he died as the trustee of the estate, I delegated too much to lawyers, I was in over my head and things got out of hand.

I have wanted to protect his honor and did my best to make it right, but the shoes have proven to be too big for me to fill. What is being reported is primarily estate problems that I inherited from my father – the shoes were too big to fill and unfortunately certain problems arose.

It would be unprofessional for me to speak about the Trump family – I think highly of them and am proud of the work we did together with Ms. Ivanka Trump.

The story being referred to about Mr. Brummer and Mandel personally bothers me – we are on good terms and I am sure they will say the same.

Personally I am reassessing how I can continue to move forth and clean up issues that exist for the estate while I continue doing my own business.  I owe some people money and will continue to do all I can to make it right.

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