Photo SuddenOn Saturday evening, December 9, close to 1,000 mourners filled the Mirer Yeshiva to pay their last respects to Rabbi Chaim Cohen, OB’M who suddenly passed away on Friday of a massive heart attack.

Chaim was born to his biological parents Rabbi Yaakov and Mrs. Elka Braun on April 1, 1950 in the city of Satmar, Romania.  A few months later his parents moved to Israel for about two years and then applied to immigrate to Canada.  They got stuck for a while in Italy and several months in Holland and Amsterdam and ultimately arrived in Montevideo Uruguay.

The Brauns while being rich with five healthy children were financially very poor and stressed out from this overwhelming journey.  A generous childless couple from Brooklyn, Mr. & Mrs. Julius Cohen who has been generous to families previously offered to help out the Brauns by caring for one of their kids in order to help them stabilize. Mrs. Cohen then travelled to Montevideo to bring Chaim with her to the USA.

The Cohens placed Chaim in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas where he stayed until he graduated 8th grade and then continued his education in the Telze Yeshiva in Cleveland for 8 years.  Chaim came home for a short while and got married to his wife Mrs. Batsheva Cohen.  They moved back to Cleveland for three years to the Telze Kollel where he received smiche and ultimately returned to Brooklyn with two children that were born to them in Cleveland. Chaim and his wife settled in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, close to the Mirer Yeshiva where he attended in the last 40 years the prayer services and learned there every day several hours his daily shiurim.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen was Director of Development at Bais Broche girls school, Administrator in Yeshiva of Brooklyn and Administrator at Yeshiva M’kor Chaim. Also during the past twenty years while working as a Mashgiach he made sure set aside several hours a day for learning and he was very meticulous about never missing a Minyan as well as benching after meals within a siddur.

Hundreds of people came to the house the entire week of Shiva and praised what a righteous man he was, an outstanding scholar, a G-d fearing human being, a noble personality, he had the highest respect for others, weather young or old and most important he had a happy countenance.  While he may have had considerable challenges in life he surely had a special talent to hide it by always utilizing his wonderful sense of humor and being most polite and pleasant to everyone he encountered.

His sudden passing is a major shock to the immediate family as well as to everyone who knew him.  He is survived by his wife Batsheva, five sons, and five daughters and three brothers.  His sons are Yechiel Mordechai, Rabbi Yoel Baruch, Daniel, Moshe and Elchonon.  His daughters are Sarah Devorah Noble, Rivky Feld, Ruchie Glick, Leah Levine and Miriam Lapa as well as many grandchildren and one great grandchild born three weeks ago, Yakov Shlomo Noble.  His brothers are Israel, Reziel and Shlomo Braun, one sister Sara Rivka Schwartz.

His beautiful legacy of Torah, Avodah and Gemilas Chasadim will linger on as his family and friends emulate his wonderful deeds.

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