Mi K”amcha Yisrael – More Than Just $10 – A Story From Lakewood

The Below Story Took Place This Month – 

I just met a Meshulach from Eretz Yisroel who is collecting for his daughter’s wedding. He is 1st cousins with a well known Rosh Yeshiva in Lakewood and with a Chashuva Rov on the east coast. He told me a beautiful story that happened to him yesterday in Lakewood.

He was going from house to house collecting. Some people gave, some didn’t. That’s fine he says, “I just have to do my hishdadlut!” He went to a house where the woman told him, “wait a minute and I will go look for money.”

He waited a few minutes while she searched until she finally came back saying that unfortunately she did not have any money in the house. No problem, he continued on down the block.

After finishing in the area, he found someone who offered him a ride to Yeshiva. While getting out of the car outside BMG, he was shocked to see that same lady pulling up behind him and getting out of her car. She came over to him and said that after he left her house she found $10. She went outside to give it to him but she saw him pulling away. She rushed into her car and followed him all the way to his destination to give him the money. She said that she had told him that she didn’t have any money, and didn’t want to be a shakran since she later found that she did indeed find money.

The meshulach was stunned and related that he later called his wife in E”Y to tell her about the amazing lengths that the people in Lakewood go to do chesed!

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