Matthew J. Goldberg

We are happy to announce that Matt Goldberg’s unique humor, insight and analysis will be featured on starting September 19, 2011.


On Mondays, look for This Week in Jewish Sports, which will examine and celebrate the many contributions of Jewish players, managers and executives in the sports world.

 Wednesdays will feature the Wordapod (Matt’s creation) of the Week. An author of four books, Matt published Wordapodia: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words in the fall of 2010. Many of the 250-plus entries (or wordapods) showcase his unique, indefinably Jewish humor, which is irreverent yet respectful in tone.  Best-selling author Richard Lederer—in endorsing Wordapaodia—said that “Goldberg reveals himself as a reincarnation of Lewis Caroll and Groucho Marx…a genius of words and a genius of comedy inhabit the same body.”

Thursdays will be the day to explore a variety of Top 10 lists from the world of sports, politics, music, and the arts. Enjoy, share and debate!

An author, speaker and custom writer from Cherry Hill, NJ, Matt loves to entertain people through his writing and public speaking. Laughs, Smiles and just enough Wisdom reach his audience through the magic of his written and spoken words.

Matt is passionate about many things, including (not in order) sports, humor, and his Jewish religion, culture and heritage. He is happily married with a beautiful three-year-old boy, and looks forward to many new connections via Jewocity.

For information about Matt’s books, sports columns, speaking events and requests for appearances and custom writing, please visit, or contact him at

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