Locals Protest Golden Dawn’s New York Presence

Greece’s ultra-nationalist, anti-immigrant party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi in Greek has opened an office in New York, in spite of protests.

According to The Jewish Voice, the party says it intends to “reach out to the Greek diaspora”.  The Voice lauds the group for engaging in “socially positive” actions, designed to improve the welfare of poor Greek citizens. Yet it also reports that Golden Dawn has been linked to anti-immigrant violence in Greece. Golden Dawn’s web site, says The Voice, says that the party plans to act against “decades of unlimited third world immigration which has brought crime, unemployment, disease and possibly terrorism to the once peaceful Greek cities.”

According to The Queens Gazette, Golden Dawn has been distributing “hateful” literature around the Queens area. The Gazette also reports that Golden Dawn’s leader, Mikos Michaloliakos, has denied the magnitude of the Holocaust. It also reports that Human Rights Watch has accused Golden Dawn of inciting violence against immigrants.

According to Rebecca Henely of Queens’s Time Ledger, Golden Dawn has met with protests from Queens locals, including Jewish leaders, City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Greek-American state Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas (D-Astoria), and District Leader Costa Constantinides. According to The Queens Gazette, Senator Michael Gianaris, Democratic District Leader, also attended the event.

Henely reports that de Blasio told Golden Dawn that it was “Not welcome in this community, this city or this country.” She also writes that he told the party that it’s “hatred and bigotry” would “fall on deaf ears in Queens, the most diverse county in America, where people of every race, creed and nationality live side by side in harmony.”

According to The Yeshiva World News, Simotas told Golden Dawn that its anti-immigration sentiment was unwelcome in Astoria. “We were welcomed in Astoria with open arms by the generations of immigrants that came before us,” she said. “This is what we in Astoria stand for as a community.”

Meanwhile, according to The Queens Gazette, Gianaris denounced Golden Dawn‘s “extremism and intolerance.”  He said that there was “No place more inappropriate” for Golden Dawn to set up camp than in Western Queens, which he said, “celebrates its diversity and openness to all peoples.”

Meanwhile, according to Henely, Constantinides said that Golden Dawn’s message “plays to the worst of humanity.” He said that the group was “not representative of the amazing Greek community that I know and love.”

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  1. Lakis Velotris says:

    Why hasn’t Arch. Dymutrius condmend Golden Dawn? Dymutrius is Gianaris’ Rev Wright. If he likes the Palestinians so much, Dymutrius should have them circumcize both his nieces. We went to Greek school enough to know how he winks about his Jewish colleagues at Harvard. Bring back our organs and choirs and go back to Hellenize some Turkish Toilet!

  2. Ahmed says:

    As an immigrant who briefly stayed in Greece, I can tell you these people Golden Dawn are scums of the earth. It is true they deny the Holocaust, terrorized immigrants and people of color. Frankly, it is not difficult to expose their venomous hatred towards anyone. Just attend of their rallies and you will see it all.

    They already opened two offices in North America, one in New York and another in Montreal. They don’t belong in civilized society, they should be stopped immediately before it is too late.

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve actually met some GD members; they were very nice to me (a Jewish man in his 30’s) and made it clear that all they want is a Greece for Greeks, much like we want an Israel for Jewish folks. One told me that the strong symbols were necessary to attract attention. With a birth rate of 1.2 how can they survive as a people with so many Muslims coming into Greece? Also, I think many Greek-Americans agree with them in principle. It would seem logical. I hate their anti-Semite drivel, yet I don’t think they are all that serious about it.

  4. Ano Nymous says:

    Golden Dawn folows the lead of the Greek government SAEUSA.org administering to “expatriate homogeneity”. THe 2003 book of Berkeley Theologian Paul Manolis exposed how they racketeer to deny the ghetto their American Birthright in order to have them as a captive lobby for Greece.

  5. Joe says:

    “She also writes that he told the party that it’s “hatred and bigotry” would “fall on deaf ears in Queens, the most diverse county in America, where people of every race, creed and nationality live side by side in harmony.”” That’s a lie! Races living side by side in harmony? Try being a white person in any majority black neighborhood and see how much harmony there is. What about all the black flash mob attacks on whites, is that living side by side in harmony? What about the stories we see every week about some older white woman being raped by young black men? That’s harmony?

    I don’t agree with a lot of things about Golden Dawn but they do have a point: Europe does not need any third world immigrants. If you disagree with me on this, try living next door to some Somalis and then see how you feel.

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