Jonathan Greenstein: The Menorah Man

During a time when most young teenage boys were chasing girls and music bands, Jonathan Greenstein was running around to Flea markets and antique fairs looking for Kiddush cups. Not such a normal adolescence, but one that led to the only auction house in America devoted strictly to the sale of Antique Jewish ritual objects.

When Jonathan left Yeshiva for public school at age 14, he told his parents that he would fill the void in time by getting a part time job after school. He found one at a small antique store on Kings Highway in Brooklyn that was a 5 minute walk from James Madison High School, Greenstein’s school. The owner was not a Jewish man but still felt bad melting down the Kiddush cups and Menorahs that the second generation Jewish immigrants were bringing in to sell for the value of the weight of silver. Instead he let Jonathan buy them at scrap20value. A collector was started. Throughout high school and college, Jonathan would run to flea markets and other antique fairs to search for Jewish ritual objects no longer wanted by their owners. Jonathan accumulated cartons of such, and slowly started selling them to other collectors that he had met throughout the years. When he was 25 he started Mercy Home Care & Medical Supplies, Inc., a supplier of specialty medical equipment for home care needs and through the years grew it into the 55 employee company that it is today.

Throughout the entire time, Jonathan never gave up his love for Judaica. In 2003, he was asked to put together a charity auction of Judaica, for one of his philanthropic causes, Lubavitch Youth Organization, which he did. It was very successful. A new idea was born. He incorporated J Greenstein & Company and has held 8 public auctions of Jewish Ritual objects since 2004. He has attracted clients from all over the world and is depended for expertise in authenticity from the biggest names in Judaica collecting.

When in New York, please visit the Five Towns antique Judaica gallery located at 417 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, New York 11516. More information is available at

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