Jewish Voters Still Favor Obama, Yet Some Are Wary

According to The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, the latest American Jewish Committee (AJC) survey of Jewish voters in the battleground state of Ohio shows President Obama with a substantial lead over his opponent, former Governor Mitt Romney. Indeed, says the journal, 64% of Ohio’s Jews support Obama, while only 29% support Romney.

What is more, says the journal, the AJC poll is “commensurate with two other AJC polls last month that had Obama beating Romney 69 to 25 percent among Florida Jewish voters and 65 to 24 nationally.”

Yet not everyone in the Jewish community trusts the president. Indeed, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind recently appeared on Fox News to warn Jewish voters against Obama, saying, “The bottom line is, let’s get this straight, for all Democrats across America – the president does not like the prime minister of the state of Israel – that is a fact that you cannot deny.”

Hikind pointed to the fact that Netanyahu was democratically elected; nevertheless, he said, “Obama has had a problem with him for years.”

Hikind told Fox’s Neil Cavuto that Israel’s survival was at stake. “This is not some politics,” he said. “You have Iran saying, `we are going to wipe you off the face of the earth.’”

Hikind also told Cavuto that he did not trust Obama to defend Israel’s security. “The last time that the president said he had Israel’s back, I became very concerned,” he said. Hikind also took aim at the Democratic party, pointing to the fact that when the Democratic leadership tried to re-introduce language concerning Jerusalem into the party platform, the party’s delegates said “no” three times.

“Something is wrong in my party,” he said, “When an issue as fundamental as Jerusalem – we don’t get it.” Finally, Hikind said, “I can’t understand how anyone would take a chance of giving Obama four more years in the White House.”

Hikind is not alone in his reservations. Former New York Mayor Ed Koch supports Obama, however, last month, according to Arutz Sheva; he said he was “distressed” by Obama’s handling of foreign policy. “President Obama is refusing to publicly make clear to Iran that ‘If you get the bomb, we will take you out,” he said.

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