Jewish Creative Writing Activities for Students

Jewish creative writing activities are a wonderful and fun way for students to learn Judaism. What these learning activities do is teach concepts, themes and even event in the Jewish civilization. There are so many creative writing activities out there that can help students learn all about Judaism and below are some of them borrowed from professional creative writing service with academic paper experts:



  • Letters


For thousands of years, Jewish people have written letters to family, friends, rulers and their leaders. Reading what has been written before in the past is a wonderful way to get better acquainted with Jewish words. Students can write letters to family or a friend or anyone of their choosing to polish up vocabulary and writing skills.



  • Magazines


Everyone across the world knows what a magazine is even if it is a Jewish one. These magazines contain things like adverts, pictures, cartoons, reviews, puzzles, and even articles. Students can create their very own magazine in class and share it with their classmates.


Copies can later be made from family, friends, teachers and other people of interest in a student’s life. Creating a magazine can also be done online too. Students can post their magazine on their own websites, blogs or even Facebook. For those students who are not fans of typing, they can simply voice record thanks to numerous recording devices and turn it into an audio magazine.


For those students who do not like voice recording, a video camera is also a great option to visually represent their work. Students can create a video of others reading what they wrote and posted it on video sharing sites like YouTube.



  • Music


Music is poetry or words in motion and students can listen to popular songs that are played at various Jewish events or just Jewish music in general. Students can make their own songs that incorporate words of prayer or they can grab a piece of paper and write their own lyrics. They can start simple and later on try to use popular Jewish melodies in their songs.



  • Books


There are so many Jewish books out there that have been published over the years. Some of them are found in libraries while some can easily be accessed via electronic devices thanks to advancement in technology. Jewish books found now are the same as the ones found in the past.


They have evolved with the times and students can take a story that they like from the bible and write their own story based on it. If they are happy and proud of their book, they can have it published via different formats. Scrolls and flat pages are just a few examples of form however using social media platforms like Facebook is also a wonderful idea to share a book with the masses.



  • Riddles


Riddles are very fun and these are referred to as puzzles with words. The whole idea about them is to get students thinking and using their heads. Their meaning is not always very deep and comes in the form of a question. Students can come up and write a few riddles then ask one another.


It is usually something that is mysterious on the surface but has a very easy answer. This is why many students use riddles as a creative writing activity. There is plenty of laughter to be had and can be recited not just in school, but at family gatherings as well like a wedding.



  • Chanting


This is like singing but involves a lot of words or a poem being recited repeatedly. Chanting is an activity that has been around for centuries and is one of the best forms of learning today. Students can take words from the bible and form a chant. They can repeat this with each or the whole class. It is a wonderful way to get plenty of students involved at the same time.



  • Cartoons


This is just a sketch with words that has elements of humor in it. Cartoons are found in newspapers, magazines or the internet via YouTube clips. If a student likes to paint or draw things they like, that is the first step. They can make their own cartoon that shows a famous name from the Bible and adds words to it for example.


For those students who think big, they can make a comic strip that tells a story. The internet has so many Jewish cartoons and student looking for a bit of inspiration can look up what is already published. There are so many funny Jewish cartoons out there for students to read and no two are the same that’s a given.



  • Rhyming


Rhyming is a practice that has been around for a very long time and it is something that is used today especially in books and music. It involves having two words that sound similar to each other as wife and life or bar and car. Those words mentioned rhyme with each other very well and can be used in a song or a poem.


It is important for students to note that not all rhymes are perfect and some words are so far apart from each like Amoeba and Amnesia. A typical poem consists of words that rhyme at the end of every single sentence and has a rhyme scheme. Students can come up with their own poems that rhyme and share them with each other.


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