Israelis and their Supporters Voice Distrust of Obama Administration

While Obama still enjoys the support of around 65% of likely Jewish voters, his support among Israelis is dropping. According to Israel Today Magazine, a recent poll commissioned by The Jerusalem Post showed that 28 percent of Israeli voters believe that The Obama Administration sides with the Palestinians over Israel, while only 18 percent believe that the administration favors Israel. Traditionally, says Israel Today, “The vast majority of Israelis have viewed the US government as siding with the Jewish state against its antagonists.”

Many pro-Israel Jews in America are also unhappy with the Obama administration and its supporters.

For instance, this morning, Shoula Romano Horing, an Israeli-born lawyer and national speaker wrote an op-ed in Yedioth Ahronoth, charging liberal Jews with the betrayal of Israel. “It is shocking,” she wrote, “that for Jews in the US the right to an abortion, which is a 40 year old federally protected right ingrained in American society, is a more important issue than the Jewish state and the real existential threat Israel is facing from Iran and Muslim extremists.”

She said that while some Jews in the United States and in Israel still believed that American Jews were committed to Israel, “liberal Jews have already chosen Obama.” She said that they had chosen “their economic comfort, upscale social life, and liberal agenda over the Jewish state.”

She said that the reason President Obama did not find time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while the latter was in the United States and the reason that the Democratic party had left language concerning Jerusalem out of its party platform, was that Obama already knew that he would “not pay a political price for mistreating Netanyahu or Jerusalem.”

Horing is not alone in her views.  Harvard Professor of Yiddish and Comparative Literature Ruth R. Wisse published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal largely sympathizing with Horing.

Given the unique danger to the Jewish state and Israel’s exceptional role in the defense of democracy, one might expect American Jews to vote for whichever party and politician is likelier to secure both countries,” she wrote. However, she said, “Whether out of fear or hopes for peace, many Jews have ingested the accusations against them, hoping to avoid conflict by holding Israel responsible for the aggression against it.” She said that because of this, “Jews can be found among those Americans who believe that their weakness—and that of Israel—would advance world peace.”

Nevertheless, many of Obama’s supporters have praised his record on Israel. National Jewish Democratic Council President and CEO David Harris praised Obama for giving a “clarion call” indicating that he would “not permit a nuclear Iran.” The NJDC has also praised Obama for his funding of Israel’s missile shields and has applauded him for placing strict sanctions on Iran.

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  1. D. Patterson says:

    The scare tactics used to confuse voters are out of hand. Why not stick to the real facts and not try to antagonize people.

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