Israeli Venture Taboola raises $15 Million

Israeli company Taboola, a content-recommendation company on the web recently raised $15 Million Series D from  Pitango VC in order to drive company growth, R & D, hire a PR firm and other endeavors. The company has leveraged its innovative video-predictive technology to deliver a “one-stop shop” solution for content-recommendation, monetization, and distribution that is already being used by Bloomberg, The Weather Channel, BusinessWeek, and others.

The company’s success is built on its unique EngageRank™, technology. EngageRank algorithms quantify how users interact with content in real-time in order to accurately predict and recommend content of interest to them, whether those are from the site the user is currently on or from around the web. Similar to content-networks such as Twitter Promoted Tweets, promoting tweets on, or Facebook Promoted Stories, promoting content on news feed – Taboola operates a marketplace where high quality content owners such as publishers and brands can bid to have their content distributed on top publishers sites, all around the web. Taboola’s marketplace includes hundreds of thousands of content items at any given moment.

Taboola’s technology serves 1.5 Billion recommendations daily on sites such as, NY Times, Fox Broadcasting, and USAToday. The company is focused on building the world’s leading engine to discover content people may like, and allowing content owners to gain a significant ROI on their content business.

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  1. Adi Weitzman says:

    This is an excellent and insightful article. I love hearing technology news about Israel. I purchased the book Startup Nation and read it to pieces. I think its great when you see startups being built.

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