Israel Shows Off Security Sector

Israeli defense and security businesses are taking center stage this week as Tel Aviv hosts two different security conferences to demonstrate the latest high-tech gadgets for homeland security and fighting terrorism.

Since 9-11, exports of Israeli security systems have climbed from $2 billion annually to more than $7 billion. Mayors and law officers from 49 countries are attending the week-long conferences. So far, attendees are suitably impressed with both off-the-shelve gizmos and more sophisticated security offerings.

Due to Israel’s location and the fact that its neighbors aren’t the sort to drop in for afternoon tea, Israel has rightfully earned a reputation for successfully securing the Jewish state against the malodorous political intentions of other states. This security prowess has translated into money for Israeli companies.

Alfred Vanderpuije, who is the mayor of Accra, Ghana, left the Elbit Systems complex, which specializes in electronic defense, praising Israel. Israel has survived under difficult circumstances, Vanderpuije said. The war and terror that Israel faced forced it into a situation to build security technologies, he added.

The invited guests also toured Elta Group, a branch of Israel Aerospace Industries, and Magal Security Systems where they saw various defense technologies. Some defensive systems are undergoing modifications to protect large cities.

The Elbit systems, for example, were originally developed for the Israel Defense Forces to fight wars and combat terrorism.This technology allowed the general in the battle room to speak with the private in the foxhole. It integrated the entire command structure, allowing it to move all military forces through a single communication network. The system relays both audio and video information.

Elbit’s corporate communications vice president, Dalia Rosen, explained that this system can be modified to create what he called “safe cities.”

It would permit civilian operators to react quickly to natural disasters by allowing the city command to move firefighters to areas where they are needed, Rosen said. This system can also be used to fight crime and terrorism. A situation room can detect trouble, such as a fire or robbery, and direct manpower to that area.

The attendees also met with private Israeli security firms at the Interpol European Regional Conference where they were introduced to the skunk and the screamer. The skunk emits a putrid odor, while the screamer lets loose with a paralyzing noise. Both are used for crowd control.

Jake Rosen, head of the American Council for World Jewry, organized these meetings to break down qualms about doing business in Israel. Rosen said he wants to counteract anti-Israeli feelings, grow security exports and help countries develop better economic ties with Israel

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