Iran Taunts Israel Over 2010 Inaction

This morning, Iran’s Press TV published an article taunting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for failing to launch a strike against its nuclear program in 2010. Israel, said the headline, had “aborted” a plan to attack Iran “out of fear.”

According to Max Fisher of The Washington Post, however, it was not fear that stopped Netanyahu’s hand, but rather, opposing forces in the Israeli government.  Fisher writes that Netanyahu and Barack were resolved to strike Iran’s nuclear program, but that “the two Israeli leaders were reportedly told that they could not issue the order because it required the approval of the full Israeli cabinet”, which they did not receive.

The Press TV article further says that Israel determined that it “did not have the ability” to strike Iran in 2010, although, it said, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had asked former IDF Chairman Gabi Ashkenazi to “set the systems for F-plus.” This account is confirmed by Fisher, who writes that an Israeli report on the incident quotes Barak as saying, “Eventually, at the moment of truth, the answer that was given was that, in fact, the ability did not exist.”

According to The Telegraph, however, Ashkenazi disagrees with Barak’s account and claims that Israel does, indeed, have the capability to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. However, he said that he had told confidants that attacking Iran “would be a strategic mistake.”Furthermore, with the United States sending increased aid to Israel for its defense programs, its ability to strike Iran may have increased. Not only that, but, according to Fisher, the report shows that Netanyahu and Barak are more resolved to struck Iran “than previously thought.”

However, according to The Telegraph, despite the fact that Netanyahu warned the United Nations that Iran might be “on the brink” of obtaining a nuclear weapon by spring of 2013, both he and Barak have signaled that an attack on Iran might not be “imminent.”

The outcome of Tuesday’s elections may play a significant role in Israel’s decision whether or not to launch a strike against Iran. President Obama has signaled some hesitance to become involved in a military conflict with Iran. Meanwhile, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney claims he will make America a “better friend” to Israel and might be more likely to support a military strike.

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  1. The Election is over, and Barack Hussein Obama II has been re-elected as the 44th President of the United States! Despite Iranian policy condemning the possession of nuclear weaponry, Israel and U.S. insist that the ultimate Iranian intention is to produce such a weapon.

    According to the former Israeli ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan, Iranian regime is very rational. Let us be rational as well. We could negotiate with Iran in such a way that the agreement is mutually beneficial to both parties. Instead of threatening Iran, how about approaching Iran with understanding!

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